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December, 2005 - - - - HomeToys Inc., the leading Home Technology resource on the Internet has published its December Emagazine issue. The HomeToys Emagazine is a free online publication covering Home Theater and Entertainment Systems, Automation and Control, Networking, Security, Communications and Climate Control as well as many other topics related to Home Technology. This month the issue headlines Projectors, Plasmas and LCD's.

With the digital age arriving with a vengeance, more and more people want to know how to get the most out of their new toys at home. That�s where HomeToys.com comes in. If it�s electronic and it�s in your home, HomeToys.com will probably have information about it.

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* Home Theater Design and Construction Part 3 - Another great article in this series by Steve Faber
* What's Robbing Your TV's Best Picture? - Alan Brown discusses viewing environment.
* Choosing Your Plasma TV - What to look for by Andrew Ghigo
* New Projection Technology Powering the Digital Lifestyle - 3LCD technology By Tim Wetmore
* Tripping the Light Fantastic - by Henry Griffiths
* RPTVs to Morph into 2D Displays - by Steve Sechrist, Analyst at Insight Media
* Have a Home Theater Plan - By Scott Ceretti
* Giving the Customers Control - by Scott Combs
* Going the Distance With HDMI - New products break the barriers by Michael Weizer, Accell
* A Look at the Digital Home Market - By Stan Schatt, Director of Research at Current Analysis
* Smarthome's INSTEON Technology - Home Control Networks Are Ready for Prime Time By Rajeev Kapur
* Interoperability in the Home Network - By Henry Wiechmano of Texas Instruments
* Home Builders: Key Channel for CE - by Bill Ablondi, Parks Associates
* AUTON Motorized Lift Systems - The World's Oldest and Largest Manufacturer of TV Lifts
* Media Centers for Home Automation - The Central Interface for Home Automation by Gregg Cannon of Cannon PC
* The Delicate Signal and the Future - by Michael Green of Michael Green Audio
* The Energy Crisis Gets Personal - Intelligent Energy Management by Brian Golden, GridPoint
* DVD Insider 45 and 46 - Analysis by Andy Marken
* DVD Insider 47 and 48 - Analysis by Andy Marken
* Single Scan Cost Savings Should Boost PDP Profits - - by Steve Sechrist, Analyst at Insight Media
* A New AES - Show Report by James Russo
* Extend your reach Serial -over -Ethernet - by Bill Hubbard, ThermoSight, Inc.
* Quality Cables - by Terry Rossen of TRI Audio Marketing
* Lights, Plasma, Action! - Lighting Control By David Knoop of Electronic Design Technology (EDT)
* How to Hide the Wires - By David Frey, D�cor Audio
* Classic Home Toys: Super 8 Film - A new column by James Russo covers classic products.
* Getting Your Video Your Way - WVR utilizes 802.11a/b/g technology to broadcast video content for wireless viewing from anywhere in the home.
* A Separate Tactile Channel - by John L. Yi, Crowson Technology, LLC
* Motion Simulation - Evolution of an Emerging Technology by Rob Robinson of D -BOX
* PLC - Touchpanels - By Eugene Kowch, P.I.D. Consultants Inc.
* Setting up your Plasma - by NEC Solutions America
* Space Invaders No More - White Paper - Euphonia IWS 3 Phantom DALI USA
* Superna Home Automation Systems - Provide Flexibility, Security for Smart Homes by Andrew Reed
* One Voice Technology - By Andy Dixon, DCM Loudspeakers
* Protecting Your Precious Plasma! - Protecting AND Maximizing the Performance by Garth Powell, Furman Sound Inc.
* Safe Socket - innovation consists of placing a magnet in the plug and a little reed bulb in the traditional socket by Iriave Electronics
* Turn Your Small Business into A Powerhouse - CRM Software by Brandi Browning, Advantage International
* Backup vs. Archiving - by Dr.Taleb Hammad, Genie -soft
* Set Your Voice Free - by Chris Shier for PeerMe

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Light sockets; Not just for lights anymore

Light sockets; Not just for lights anymore

Smart Bulbs are out there and they can do far more then just provide light. Speakers, projectors, wi-fi extenders and more. The standard light socket that is wired up and ready to go in nearly every home in North America is now providing an easy and affordable option for home owners and renters alike to enter into the world of the "Smart Home". Here is a look at some of the Smart Bulbs and Smart Lighting options out there, and this list is just the beginning. In this ongoing article we hope to continue to add to and grow this list, so stay tuned!