Dream Home Winner Enjoys Futuristic Home

'By programming lighting scenes, I can control everything from one location.'

Interview with Don Cruz, Owner of the 2005 HGTV Dream Home in Tyler, Texas.

The following is an interview with Don Cruz, the owner of the 2005 HGTV Dream Home in Tyler, TX. EDT's i -LiNE lighting control solution is installed in the HGTV Dream Home, allowing the owner to accent the textures and colors of rustic wood paneling and gardens lined with white stone terraces draped in the shadows of stately pine trees.

EDT: How do you like your new home's lighting control system?

Cruz: I like being able to control and program the lights in my boathouse and upstairs so that I don't have to walk all over the place turning lights off.

EDT: How has the i -LiNE system made your life easier?

Cruz: I don't have to walk around turning lights off and on all the time upstairs or down in the boathouse. By programming lighting scenes, I can control everything from one location.

EDT: Tell us how you use lighting schedules.

Cruz: There are no street lamps in the area, so at dusk I can automatically have the driveway, house, and landscape light up. I can also automatically turn on the boathouse sconces to 25%.

EDT: Would you recommend our lighting products to others?

Cruz: Yes, I would also recommend getting a system that is compatible with i -LiNE so that you can control other features in the house besides lighting control, like HVAC. For instance, one guy I know can monitor pool spa temperatures over the internet at a health club two hours away from his house. If something goes wrong with the security system, he can automatically reset the system without having to drive all the way to the club.

What Others Are Saying About i -LiNE

I am using i -LiNE switches from EDT. I have dimmers on 65 dimmable loads and on/off for 2 fluorescent loads. These switches are daisy -chained with cat -5 wire to each switch. They have scene capabilities used by themselves, but I also have an ELK M1G controlling some lighting automation. I think that it is compatible with an HAI panel also. I installed the system in March 2005 and moved into the house in June. I have had no reliability problems and the switches perform flawlessly. I was worried about controlling all of my lights with a relatively new system, but I have been extremely happy with these switches.
- Pete Karakis, Scrapcom Inc., Akron, Ohio

EDT load control products include 600 Watt ON/OFF Relay switches and 600 Watt dimmer switches which are part of a distributed lighting control system called i -LiNE featuring energy savings up to 35%. For more information please visit our website at http://www.edt.biz/ or contact our sales department at (866) 753 -4180 or (903) 753 -4180.

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