Wireworld Ships Silver Starlight 52 Flat HDMI & DVI Cables

Second generation design can carry 1080p digital video signals 50 feet.

COOPER CITY, FL (11/30/05) - Wireworld today announced that it has begun shipping its Silver Starlight 52 line of second -generation DVI and HDMI cables. The cables feature a unique flat topology and a proprietary composite shielding system to deliver the highest fidelity digital video signal transfer available today, including the capacity to carry 1080p signals over runs of 15 meters / 50 feet. The Silver Starlight 52 is one of two Wireworld products selected to receive the CES 2006 Innovations Design and Engineering Award.

"The revolution in video reproduction is in full swing," said David Salz, Wireworld's president and designer, "and 1080p reproduction is now more reality than dream. The Silver Starlight 52 is simply the most capable cable available for high bandwidth video. It can carry 1080p signals over longer runs, and has lower jitter at any length, than any other product in the industry today."

The most obvious sign of the Silver Starlight 52 cables' unusual design is their flat shape, which is a mere .16" (4mm) thick and .71" (18mm) wide, providing superior flexibility and enhancing installation options. This is made possible in part by Wireworld's exclusive Wavesquare 2™ Digital Jitter Reduction Technology, which utilizes superior materials in a proprietary cable configuration to increase bandwidth, while minimizing signal loss, impedance variations, conductor length differentials, cross -talk and noise.

Internally, the Silver Starlight 52 differs from most digital video cables in a number of key design elements. Firstly, the cable employs silver -clad copper signal conductors of 6N (>99.9999%) purity, which is produced through the OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) process utilizing Wireworld's proprietary Grain Optimization technique.

Signal integrity in the Silver Starlight 52 cables is further maintained by the use of die -cast zinc connectors, which provide high durability and superior shielding. These connectors also house the proprietary Wavesquare 2™ cable terminations, which maintain the cable's precise 100 -ohm impedance all the way to the plug contacts. These contacts are clad with a thick layer of silver, rather than the standard nickel, under their gold plating to reduce the contact loss by more than half.

Lastly, the Silver Starlight 52 benefits from a unique composite shielding system. All round HDMI and DVI cables utilize the same design that has been used for computer cables for decades. This conventional design suffers from high signal losses that become more apparent as bandwidth and distance increase, making it a poor choice for high resolution digital video. Beginning from the concept of an ideal shield - a solid copper tube - Wireworld has developed a compact, dense and flexible shield made of silver -clad copper, which provides nearly ideal shielding and conductivity, without introducing additional bulk or excessive cost.

Wireworld Silver Starlight 52 cables are UL -CL3 and CSA -FT4 rated for in -wall installation. HDMI and DVI models are currently available in various lengths between 1 M (3.3 ft.) and 20M (65.6 ft.) at suggested retail prices ranging from $299 to $2,199.

Wireworld, which was founded by Salz in 1992, offers a broad spectrum of very high quality speaker cables, audio and video interconnects, digital audio interconnects, power cords, digital A/V cables, and plasma/LCD control cables. The company has an excellent reputation among audio and home theater enthusiasts for producing high quality cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality. Visit www.wireworldcable.com

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