As well as finding Wireless Hotspots, the Dynamode WL-GI-700-HOT is also a fully featured 802.11a, b and g Wireless USB 2.0 compliant adapter.

More and more people are now computing on the move with the boom in wireless communications, but for many a major drawback is finding a Hotspot location where they can log on to their network. Now Dynamode UK, the market leader for Data and Networking Communications products, has made this task simpler with the introduction of a new Wireless Hotspot Finder that not only locates the radio emissions from Wireless Hotspots such as BT Openzone and other WLANs but also connects the laptop or desktop computer to the wireless network.

Unlike most Hotspot finders, as well as finding Wireless Hotspots, the Dynamode WL -GI -700 -HOT is also a fully featured 802.11a, b and g Wireless USB 2.0 compliant adapter, perfect for mobile users who want to connect to their 11 or 54Mbps wireless routers or access points. The unit has a large built -in hi -res LCD display, which shows SSID, Channel, Encryption (WEP and WPA) and signal strength in histogram format. This product has a suggested retail selling price of ½49.99.

According to Hoj Parmar of Dynamode, 'This product is so small and easy to use, it takes all the hassle out of wireless communications and will revolutionise people's use of their laptops on the move and make them much more accessible and productive when they are away from the office.'

Further details about the Dynamode Wireless Hotspot Finder are available on Dynamode's website or by phone on 01923 244438.

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