Flying Mole\'s New Cascade Modular MultiChannel Amplifier System

New Cascade handles up to 4 modules in power ratings of 500W x 1ch, 300W x 1ch, 125W x 2ch, 75W x 4ch, or 30W x 6ch, all in a 3U rack mount.

FLYING MOLE's New Cascade Series Modular, Multi -Channel

Digital Amplifier System will incorporate modules in
500W, 300W, 125W, 75W, or 30W Power Levels

(On display at CES South Hall, Booth #22066)

Torrance CA. - November 17, 2005 Flying Mole Electronics Corporation will be unveiling its New Cascade Series Multi -Channel Amplifiers System at the CES 2006 in Las Vegas. The system consists of a Chassis or Power Distributor (MC -2000) with the capacity to handle up to 4 modules at power levels of 500W x 1ch (PM -511), 300W x 1 (PM -311), 125W x 2 (PM112), 75W x 4 (PM -074), or 30W x 6 (PM -036). This new version of the CES 2004 Innovations Winner, DPM -1616, is upgraded with DC 12V triggers and, except for the PM -036, are all drivable at 2, 4, or 8 ohm impedances.

Stackable and hot -swappable, Flying Mole's Proprietary Amplification and Power Supply Circuitry enable all modules to run at 85% efficiency at rated power levels. Sophisticated Protection circuits for Excessive Heat, Speaker Short and Excessive Current are part of the package while THD remains at 0.05% or lower at ½ rated power, 1 kHz. Configurable and versatile, the New Cascade is ideal for high power applications (4ch x 500W) or lower power multi -zone applications (24ch x 30W) all in a 3U rack -mountable chassis.

Proven in many applications such as the 2005 Aichi World Exposition and other well -known commercial venues, all Flying Mole products are extremely low heat, compact, lightweight, and most of all are credited for having tube -like sound. Ideal for commercial and custom installations, studio systems, as well as for pure audio enthusiasts, the New Cascade MC -2000 with its 5 module options create a whole new meaning to versatility or configurability.

Flying Mole will be exhibiting in South Hall, Booth #22066, where it will be unveiling other new products along with a sound demonstration room. A 2 -channel x 500W Power Amp (DP -S500) in 1U rack, a new 1kW Power Conditioner (PS -1000) and a 4 -channel x 100W (or 2 x 200W) Power Amp (DP -Q100), as well as a Compact Integrated 2 x 30W Amp (CA -S3) will be on display and can be auditioned in the demo room.

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Company Contact:
In the Americas, contact:
Flying Mole Electronics Corp.
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Flying Mole Corporation
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