SoundSpectrum, the company that brings music visuals to the digital audio experience, introduces a new version of its consumer software: G-Force Platinum 3.0. G-Force provides visuals that take the enjoyment of music to a new level.



Visuals for Media Players Enhance Musical Experience With Colorful, Dynamic Designs; SoundSpectrum Introduces Upgraded Platinum 3.0 Consumer Versions
New York, NY, November 7, 2005 - In an era when digital music is revolutionizing the way we live, work and play, SoundSpectrum (, the company that brings dynamic music visuals to the digital audio experience, has introduced a groundbreaking version of its revolutionary consumer software: G -Force Platinum 3.0. G -Force is an enhancement to the digital music experience, providing mesmerizing visuals that take the enjoyment of music to a new level.
"G -Force is to computers today what MTV was to television in the '80's - people can see their music and this creates a compelling new way to enjoy their audio experience," said Key Compton, co -founder of SoundSpectrum. "At a time when digital music is revolutionizing the music industry, G -Force Platinum 3.0 is revolutionizing the way people enjoy their digital music - it's the most beautiful, most dynamic, most customizable visualization ever created."

G -Force displays more than 23 million visual patterns that constantly change and evolve so it's always fresh and exhilarating. G -Force works on any plasma or LCD screen, or any projector connected to a computer, and it can visualize music from any source, including live music or stereo systems. It reacts to the music in real time and is completely interactive with such expanded, customizable features as:
· The G -Force Tool Bar is a user interface that gives users the power to customize everything from the color to the shape to the speed of the visuals, and more.
· Users can take screen shots of their favorite visuals with the Tool Bar so they can create their own portfolio of digital artwork.
· Users can upload their favorite photos and images into G -Force to create their own music visual slideshow.
· G -Force has its own screen saver with a built -in music synthesizer - a one -of -a -kind light show for when computers go idle.

V -Bar: A First in Music Visuals
In addition, the G -Force V -Bar introduces a first in music visuals: visual eye -candy that stays on the desktop, allowing users the freedom to enjoy music visuals any time they listen to music - at work or at play. The V -Bar is the visual equivalent of "passively" listening to music - because users can work on their computers, while still enjoying the thrill of music and visuals. A patent on the V -Bar is pending.
G -Force has been used in performances, nightclubs, theme parks, music festivals and retail environments. Artists such as Seal, Herbie Hancock, and Michael W. Smith have used G -Force in their concerts, and Germany's Hamburg Planetarium has mesmerized audiences by incorporating G -Force into shows. Consumers are even showing G -Force at parties on their flat screen TV's.

"Our users are passionate about G -Force: they love it for relaxation, for entertainment, for parties and as ambient design," added Andy O'Meara, co -founder of SoundSpectrum and creator of G -Force. "G -Force is the most dynamic and sophisticated, yet entirely artistic music experience available… and it keeps getting better."

Consumers can download G -Force Platinum 3.0 quickly and easily for $30 at and a Gold version is available for $20.

About SoundSpectrum

Founded in 2000, SoundSpectrum was formed to create the most exciting experience at the intersection of music and technology. Based in New York, SoundSpectrum is the leader in music visualization technology - digital art that reacts to digital music in real time - providing a visceral connection with the music. SoundSpectrum is the company that powers the music visualizer on iTunes and has created music visuals for Windows Media Center, Yahoo MusicMatch and more. SoundSpectrum offers the G -Force and WhiteCap visualizers in personal and professional versions, as well as the SoundSpectrum Darkroom video export application.

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