Mitsubishi First HDTV DLP Projector for Under $3000

Mitsubishi's newest HDTV DLP Projector, the HC3000U debuted as the first DLP HDTV projector on the market with Texas Instruments' new BrilliantColor technology, which brightens midtones and increases color and brightness perception.


IRVINE, Calif. ´┐½ November 9, 2005 ´┐½ Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America´┐½s Presentation Products Division, maker of award -winning high quality presentation and display products, today introduced the HC3000U, the first high definition home theater projector that incorporates new technology from Texas Instruments (TI).

Mitsubishi´┐½s new home theater projector contains DDP3020 Digital Light Processing´┐½ TrueVision´┐½ Image processing with BrilliantColor´┐½: advanced capabilities that greatly enhance white segment processing and secondary color boost to improve mid -tone brightness. The result is a display output that looks even brighter and more intense than its specified 1000 ANSI lumens and 4000:1 contrast ratio.

BrilliantColor´┐½ processing technology uses a patented color processing algorithm and system -level enhancements for more brightness and truer lifelike colors. About the size of a box of chocolates, the HC3000U treats viewers to rich, vivid displays up to full, high definition 720p resolution and a selection of aspect ratios, including CinemaScope´┐½.

´┐½The home theater experience just got sweeter with our HC3000U,´┐½ said Frank Anzures, manager, projector product marketing for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. ´┐½In side -by -side comparisons, the HC3000U with BrilliantColor shows just how amazing these new technologies are.´┐½

´┐½Mitsubishi, as always, is proud to be the first to bring Texas Instruments´┐½ latest breakthrough technology to the high definition home theater arena,´┐½ said James Chan, director, product marketing, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. ´┐½The HC3000U with BrilliantColor revolutionizes the way DLP projectors display colors and video, for a fantastic home sweet home theater experience.´┐½

Pricing, Availability, Warranty
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America´┐½s new HC3000 is currently available through selected online home theater projector retailers, upscale retail stores and home theater installation partners. With a suggested retail price of $2,995, the HC3000U is the first high definition DLP´┐½ projector to be marketed at this affordable price. The projector comes with a two -year limited warranty on parts and labor.

About Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Presentation Products Division
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America´┐½s Presentation Products Division markets an extensive line of professional presentation and front -projection home entertainment display systems and is known for its award -winning, high quality, accurate color reproduction technology. Products are sold through authorized distributors, resellers, retailers, dealers, and system integrators throughout the United States. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America is located at 9351 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, Calif., 92618. For more information, please call 888 -307 -0312 or visit .

BrilliantColor, Digital Light Processing, DLP and DDP3020 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Texas Instruments. CinemaScope is a registered trademark of 20th Century -Fox, Inc.

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