Do I Need Another Electronic Device?

The New, Highly Affordable, Multifunctional, MultiMedia Players

Let's face it, when you first caught wind of the new multimedia players emerging on the market, the thought wasn't entirely positive. You were skeptical to say the least. You saw the electronic companies as trying to pull a fast one, trying to find a way to sell yet another new device. Now that you had purchased that DVD player and big screen television, the tech folks were throwing this new player at you in the hope you would rush right out and purchase another new gadget. You decided right off you weren't going to buy the pitch. Because you had already bought that third generation PC complete with DVD burning capabilities so you could not possibly see any logical reason to buy another device to add to your arsenal. And not having moved your files from your prior computer that still had yet to be disposed of, the thought of purchasing another new device seemed ludicrous.

Then again, you probably felt the same way when first confronted with the change from the VCR tape movie concept to that of the DVD. Never mind that you probably had already bought an extra device that took up space, a tape rewinder to protect the heads of the player during rewind. At the time, you probably did not realize that the first personal computers actually used cassette tapes for storage prior to the development of the PC with a hard drive. But ultimately, at some point, you had a chance to witness the new technology that accompanied the DVD. You found out that you no longer needed to waste your time rewinding a completed tape, that you could even get rid of that tape rewinder. You also learned that you had the capability to jump from scene to scene during a DVD movie at the touch of a button, greatly enhancing your viewing experience. You also realized the new DVDs were a storage item that needed less than a third of the space of the VHS tape.

Such is the case when thinking about the new multimedia player - much like the movement from VHS tape to DVD, the capabilities with a multimedia player are enormous and the ease at which things function is far simpler. First, and foremost, the device can actually help you consolidate items, even eliminate some if you are willing. Second, the multimedia player allows the user to be far more organized than ever before. And third, perhaps most importantly, it mixes all forms of technology liberally, allowing the switch from audio to video within the same device, enabling the computer to use the television screen as a monitor.

If you have a standard DVD player for playing movies, that device is no longer needed if you have a multimedia player. The DVD player can simply be put away, even if that device has the ability to burn DVDs - the multimedia player has the capacity to handle all aspects. Furthermore, the powerful memory capability of the multimedia player allows the storage of vast amounts of data, whether that be in the form of pictures or audio recordings. With the ability now to download almost any song from the internet, the ability to connect your computer to the player allows all of your favorite music to be stored directly on the multimedia player where it is accessible with the touch of a button. You might once and for all be able to eliminate some of those old cassette tapes and your seldom used CDs as you now have a complete library of music at your fingertips. Lastly, the new big screen television technology you have invested in is now available for use as your computer monitor. Anything you can view on your computer may now be viewed on that flat screen, complete with the full access to the sound capabilities that come with your big screen TV system.

Yes, the skeptic in you doubted at first, but the upgrades really excited you. Then you learned that for roughly 200 bucks you could do all this - organize your audio and video tapes and CD/DVDs, and enhance your household technology apparatus at the same time. And at that price, the sheer capabilities of the multimedia system removed all of the skepticism from your doubting mind.

No you may not need a multimedia player, but that doesn't mean you won't want one.

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