Retail LCD Monitor Market Posts Record Growth in Q3 2005

According to a recent Current Analysis study, Q3 retail LCD monitor sales increased by 70% year-over-year, setting an all-time record in 2005.

SAN DIEGO, CA -November 15, 2005 - - According to a recent Current Analysis study, Q3 retail LCD monitor sales increased by 70% year -over -year, setting an all -time record in 2005.* Further, 19 -inch LCDs outsold 15 -inch models for the first time ever during the period, which is home to the important back -to -school shopping season. The quarter's strong sales were fueled by a 76% year -over -year increase in promotional activity, a significant decline in prices and a surge in popularity of 19 -inch LCDs.

Retail LCD monitor prices declined an average 36% between Q3 2004 and Q3 2005, led by 19 -inch prices, which declined by a whopping 42% during the period. The price erosion was caused by an industry -wide component oversupply, which lasted from Q2 2004 through Q1 2005.

The overall decline in monitor pricing has diminished the price gap between 17 - and 19 -inch products, and boosted the market share of the 19 -inch segment. Between Q3 2004 and Q3 2005, the retail market share of 19 -inch products increased from 13% to 25%, while 15 - and 17 -inch market shares declined from 25% and 60% to 23% and 51%, respectively.

Christian Dias, Displays Analyst, states, "The demand for LCD monitor sales is bright. However, year -over -year growth for the fourth quarter will be more modest than that of the third (quarter), as the fourth quarter was 2004's most successful. While the year -over -year growth will not be as dramatic as what we saw in Q3, the monitor market's momentum will ensure that Q4 unit sales will be higher than those of Q3, thus setting another new record."

Dias expects that the success of the upcoming holiday season will be driven by aggressive promotional activity, which will deliver record -low LCD monitor prices. "Expect to see 17 - and 19 -inch LCDs for as little $149 and $169, respectively. This will be an impressive step up from the lowest prices advertised in Q4 2004, when 17 - and 19 -inch LCDs hit bottom at $189 and $349, respectively."


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* Based on data derived from the Current Analysis Retail Panel, a panel comprised of the nation's leading consumer electronics retailers


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