HDTV Business Conference

New HDTV Conference Scheduled for January 4th at CES January 4, 2006, MGM Grand, Las Vegas (day before CES starts) Presented by Insight Media and Elliott Schlam Associates

Insight Media, an international market research organization devoted to all aspects of the electronic display industry, announces its inaugural "HDTV Business Conference," to be held on January 4, 2006, the day before the formal opening of CES 2006, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

As the HDTV revolution continues to unfold, new challenges and opportunities are emerging. The one -day HDTV Business Conference is designed to bring together top industry leaders to discuss these strategic challenges and opportunities. It is a great way for busy industry participants to understand the forces that are shaping the HDTV industry today and in the future.

While high -definition TVs are one major aspect of the DTV revolution, many other technologies and products are also advancing rapidly - and in the process, creating challenges and opportunities. Fortunes will be made and lost; some companies will rise and other will fall; technologies and products will emerge as winners and losers.

The HDTV Business Conference will help decision makers cut through the noise to focus on the key strategic issues and gather information to make critical business decisions.

In addition, the conference will provide attendees with access to the perspectives of high -level industry executives, identify the top business and strategic issues affecting profitability in the HDTV food chain, and assist attendees in gathering the critical information necessary for making strategic decisions.

Who should attend?

Executives, product planners, marketers, and engineers working in the HDTV industry
Technologists and executives participating in related industries
Newcomers to the world of HDTV

Why Attend?

Hear from top executives about the top strategic issues facing the Digital TV industry
Understand key positions of industry leaders and where they are taking their company
Build knowledge in all aspects of the Digital TV industry
Gain insight to make strategic business decisions
Network Reception with the industry's movers and shakers
Enhance your CES experience

The registration fee for the HDTV Business Conference is $695.00. An early bird registration fee of $595.00 is available until November 15 th. Limited discounted room registrations are available at the MGM Grand for $139.00 (Jan. 3 rd) and $249.00 (Jan. 4 th).

For Preliminary Program information:
Visit http://www.hdtv -bc.com/program.htm or contact Chris Chinnock, chris@insightmedia.info , Insight Media, phone (203) 831 -8464 or Elliott Schlam ESchlam@aol.com , Elliott Schlam Associates, phone (732) 493 -3868.
For conference registration:
Visit http://www.hdtv -bc.com/registration.htm or contact Annmarie Gabisch, phone (203) 831 -8464, fax: (203) 838 -8432, annmarie@insightmedia.info .
Sponsorships are available.
For information: Visit http://www.hdtv -bc.com/sponsors.htm or call Dian Mecca, dian@insightmedia.info , phone (203) 831 -8464, fax: (203) 838 -8432.

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