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PERFECT8 Technologies, provider of high-end ribbon and dynamic loudspeakers and subwoofers,today announced the PERFECT8 product line of glass loudspeakers that surpasses all previous benchmarks.


Introducing the PERFECT8 Product Line
PERFECT Music through Sculptures of Glass and Gold
STOCKHOLM,Sweden - September 2005 | PERFECT8 Technologies, provider of high -end ribbon and dynamic loudspeakers and subwoofers, today announced the PERFECT8 product line of glass loudspeakers that surpasses all previous benchmarks.

Scientists have long been aware of certain principles which would result in superior sound reproduction compared to the current state of the art. Unfortunately, these principles have turned out to be impossible to implement in practice - before now! This century old dream of super realistic sound reproduction is now reality through the PERFECT8 Technologies new line of loudspeakers: The ultra high -end The Force, the smaller yet fabulously accurate The Point, and the tiny yet superb The Cube.

Major problems of previous designs are detrimental driver, cabinet, and baffle vibrations, and the fundamentally irregular off axis radiation. Groundbreaking inno -vations shared by all PERFECT8 trans -ducers liberate the music once and for all from these severe sources of sound degradation - and to top that off, the subwoofers and enclosures are inherently free from internal cavity resonances in their respective passbands without the use of any damping materials.

The result surpasses any previous listening experience! Every PERFECT8 loudspeaker, from the top of the line The Force, to the tiny The Cube, effortlessly opens up a virtual window to magic moments of music by reproducing sound as if you had attended the original event!

Intuitively, glass does not seem to be an ideal material for the requirements of loudspeaker construction. The PERFECT8 research team managed to reduce the familiar ringing sound of glass to some -thing more akin to that of solid rock! The revealing nature of the glass led the research in entirely new directions. The final combination of pure glass and gold is astounding to behold - true works of contemporary functional art.

Few technologies are as important to our lifes as the ability to accurately reproduce sound!
PERFECT8 Technologies is a new Swedish provider for high -end ribbon and dynamic loudspeakers and subwoofers. Backed by over 25 years of research and more than 3 years of dedicated development, PERFECT8 Technologies was founded in 2005 with the primary mission of producing the most exclusive and best sounding loudspeaker systems in the world!

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