Z -Wave Alliance Continues To Build Momentum in Home Control Market

Z-Wave Alliance, the consortium of leading home control technology manufacturers, continues to introduce wireless home control products. See Z-Wave at the Electronic House Expo (EHX) November 9-11 in Anaheim.

Upper Saddle River, NJ, Oct 264, 2005 - Z -Wave Alliance (www.z -wavealliance.com), the consortium of leading home control technology manufacturers, continues to gain widespread exposure for their mission to maintain and promote Z -Wave as the global standard in wireless home control technology. The next opportunity to see Z -Wave technology will be at the Electronic House Expo (EHX) November 9 -11 in Anaheim, California. Z -Wave Alliance members will be exhibiting a wide range of Z -Wave products with exciting new features in a joint pavilion at booth #1027.

Z -Wave Alliance Spokesperson, Mike Einstein said, "The Z -Wave Alliance has made significant strides in positioning Z -Wave as the premier choice for wireless home automation. Z -Wave continues to deliver the promise of affordable wireless home control products today." "

The Alliance is focused on strengthening its leadership position in the home control marketplace by providing more opportunities for members to meet and share information. The Z -Wave Alliance will conducts a member reception on the evening of November 10, 2005. Member receptions have proven to be prime opportunities for industry networking and are held on a regular basis. Wayne - Dalton is the sponsor presenting the Z -Wave Alliance member reception at EHX.

Anaheim is also the site for the third Z -Wave Alliance Developer Forum November 7 -8, just prior to EHX. Two previous Forum events were conducted with participation from more than participation from more than 30 over 340 products featured from many Z -Wave Alliance membersmanufacturers. The Developer Forum was established so Alliance members could freely exchange technical information about new products to improve each other's product development cycle and confirm interoperability between manufacturers.

"Based on two previous successful Developer events, we are seeing the value of sharing technical information among Alliance members in the quality products they are developing," comments Mark Walters, Director of Business Development, Leviton Manufacturing and Chairman of the Developers' Forum. "Home owners are the real beneficiaries of these events. Z -Wave products continue to stream into the market offering true wireless home control from leading manufacturers."

Z -Wave Technology was recently named by Electronic House Magazine as one of the Products of the Year for 2005 at the CEDIA show. In addition, five Z -Wave Alliance members received individual Product of the Year awards. In aAnother sign of rapidly growing industry recognition, of Z -Wave wasZ -Wave receiveding the "Best Enabling Technology of the Year Award" by the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) in October 2005.

About the Z -Wave Alliance

The Z -Wave Alliance is a consortium of leading companies in the home technology space dedicated to solidifying Z -Wave as the standard for wireless home control products. Its members lead the home controls market, providing leading edge products and systems that deliver increased comfort, convenience, safety and security. Z -Wave technology is the foundation of all products manufactured by the Alliance members. For more information about the Z -Wave Alliance, visit www.z -wavealliance.com.

About Z -Wave Technology

Developed by Zensys, a provider of wireless networking technology for control and status reading applications, Z -Wave is a home control technology platform that provides low -cost, two -way, wireless mesh networking that enables consumers to monitor and manage their lighting, security systems and other home controls easily, conveniently and securely from anywhere in the world. Z -Wave is a fully developed, affordable, easy -to -use and interoperable technology that is available in more than 75 wireless home control and automation products today. For more information about Z -Wave, visit www.zen -sys.com

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