SOYO VoIP Phone Adapter Solves e911 Problems & Switches between Existing Phone Lines and VoIP

The G1681 VOIP phone adapter from SOYO lets you use your regular phone set and Internet to make VoIP phone calls. SOYO's adapter will also allow users to instantly switch between their existing phone line and VoIP.

ONTARIO, CA - - SOYO Group Inc. (OTCBB:SOYO), a leading global provider of computer, consumer electronics and broadband telecommunications products, has announced its VoIP Phone Adapter - - an easy and immediate solution to the critical e911 problem facing the VoIP industry. SOYO's adapter will also allow users to instantly switch between their existing phone line and VoIP.

SOYO's VoIP phone adapter is designed to seamlessly work on most VoIP networks. In addition to solving the e911 problem, the adapter, expected to have a MSRP of $75, will let consumers turn ordinary landline and cordless phones into VoIP phones using any broadband connection.

Another market for this device is the cable provider market. Many are offering bundled solutions without long distance. As an example, consumers can purchase cable, high -speed Internet, and local telephone service. Long
distance service, however, is often provided by a larger Telco, like MCI or AT&T. With this new solution companies may now be able to partner with VoIP
carriers or even offer their own VoIP solutions.

SOYO's VoIP phone adapter, an analog telephone adapter (ATA), is compact and portable. It has one LAN Ethernet port, one FXS port and one PSTN pass through port. The LAN port provides connection to the Internet through a WAN router, a DSL modem or a cable modem. The FXS port provides a connection for a regular telephone at home or in an office.

Key features are:

Use any phone set to make VoIP call - Working with your regular phone, cordless phone or PBX for VoIP phone calls
Compact and Portable - Convenient for travel, making and receiving VoIP calls anywhere in the world
Easy Setup and Manage - Configure the phone via web browser or manage it via remote management
Select PSTN or VoIP Network - PSTN pass through function giving you the option to make calls with PSTN or VoIP network

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