Minicom unveils system manages the IP access to your existing KVM infrastructure, enables non-blocking access for any number of users to any number of servers

Minicom unveils, new centralized KVM via IP management solution for the enterprise system manages the IP access to your existing KVM infrastructure, enables non -blocking access for any number of users to any number of servers

September 2005

Minicom, leading innovator and manufacturer of KVM over CAT5 switches and IP access for KVM management, has announced delivery of, its 'remote -presence' management solution for the enterprise environment. is designed to help medium -to -large, distributed, and enterprise size data centers centralize management over remote KVM access. It ensures secure, non -blocking remote access to target servers and devices for any number of users, to any number of servers, from anywhere in the world via a simple, intuitive browser interface.

The system provides IT users and administrators with a unified, graphical view of their KVM infrastructure, even if the access is distributed across a number of remote branches.

' provides an enterprise -wide overview of your KVM servers. It merges powerful out -of -band KVM access with all the advantages of network management systems. The system is designed to integrate perfectly with 3rd party legacy KVM switches. It enables you to upgrade your remote access capabilities while still preserving your KVM investment,' says Gali Hacarmeli, Minicom's digital products specialist.

For users, is an 'Always in control, always at your servers' way to access the data center. The intuitive, browser based GUI provides complete transparency for users regarding location and topology. Users log on to a single IP address which routes them to their assigned targets. simplifies user access to their targets while enhancing the security of the KVM network.

The system includes a Manager and any number of Smart IP Access gateways or PX, one port IP dongle for analog switches and servers.

About Minicom Advanced Systems

Minicom Advanced Systems ( is a leading manufacturer of CAT5 and IP KVM switches and systems for the server management market. Known for its innovative technology, Minicom pioneered KVM over CAT5 technology, now the industry standard. Minicom is also known for its full range of CAT5 based extension and audio / video distribution solutions for the dynamic digital signage market.

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