Draper Access Screens

With the Draper Access, order the case now, and order the screen later, after the projector decision is made.

What if you know you want a ceiling -recessed screen, but don't know what projector will be used in the room? The projector determines the optimum size, aspect ratio, and viewing surface.

No problem with the Draper Access! Order the case now. Make sure it's large enough to accept the largest screen you think you may need. Order the screen later, after the projector decision is made. Or let the occupant make the decision at a later date -they can order the screen through any local dealer. They'll thank you for the added value -installing any other ceiling -recessed screen after completion is messy and expensive!
The Access case can be recessed in the ceiling and prewired. Patented plug -in junction box and sliding brackets make it easy to install the screen at a later date in minutes.
For more information on the patented Access concept, visit www.draperinc.com.

Featured Product

GreenPeak’s GP565 – ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

GreenPeak's GP565 - ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

The GP565 Smart Home RF chip for remote controls supports voice control, motion sensing and the new ZRC 2.0 protocol. The GP565 is optimized for advanced & low cost ZigBee RF4CE remote controls. • 120k or 248k Flash (8k or 16k RAM) memory • 40-pin footprint to support a keyboard scanner interface or other IO interfaces required for remote controls. • Reduced current consumption and improved receiver sensitivity and output power • Patented Antenna Diversity technology enables superior range and WiFi/Bluetooth interference rejection