Draper Access Screens

With the Draper Access, order the case now, and order the screen later, after the projector decision is made.

What if you know you want a ceiling -recessed screen, but don't know what projector will be used in the room? The projector determines the optimum size, aspect ratio, and viewing surface.

No problem with the Draper Access! Order the case now. Make sure it's large enough to accept the largest screen you think you may need. Order the screen later, after the projector decision is made. Or let the occupant make the decision at a later date -they can order the screen through any local dealer. They'll thank you for the added value -installing any other ceiling -recessed screen after completion is messy and expensive!
The Access case can be recessed in the ceiling and prewired. Patented plug -in junction box and sliding brackets make it easy to install the screen at a later date in minutes.
For more information on the patented Access concept, visit www.draperinc.com.

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Art Diffusor® Model D by Acoustics First

Art Diffusor® Model D by Acoustics First

The ArtDiffusor® Model D (patent applied for) is the newest in the ArtDiffusor® Series. The Model D is an organic, quadratic diffuser; fusing diverse design concepts such as MLS, QRD, bicubic interpolation and boolean logic mapping. These rolling, asymmetric diffusers minimize specular acoustic reflections while improving sound clarity and ambience. Their design encourages developing customized patterns, allowing for a truly unique installation - every time.