NuVo Technologies and its parent company Hanser Holdings International (HHI) share a long and diverse history of providing music to it's customers.

NuVo Technologies and its parent company Hanser Holdings International (HHI) share a long and diverse history of providing music to it's customers. NuVo continues the company's long -standing history of breaking ground in the latest technologies that bring together music and electronics, resulting in product offerings that are unrivaled in the marketplace. Yet they accomplish this while not straying too far from where they started.

"It's all about the music," one of NuVo's key messages to the market, comes with a very special meaning to CEO Jack Hanser, third -generation founder of HHI, which has a history of more than 80 years of expertise in the music industry, having been launched in 1924 as the Davitt & Hanser Company, a wholesale/retail music store -"I am very proud of our musical history at NuVo. Our engineers have extensive expertise in circuit design and critical listening that produce a depth and clarity to the tonal quality of our products. When our customers first hear the quality of sound coming from our products they instantly know they've made the right purchase decision".
One reason why NuVo is able to stay so embedded in its musical history is because many of its employees are "all about the music" as well. A large number of employees working at NuVo -as well as its sister divisions B.C. Rich Guitars, Traben Bass Guitars, Kustom Amplification and Michael Kelly Guitars, and Davitt & Hanser Music Network of Distributors -have dedicated their lives to music and boast a host of musical skills, all of which contribute to a creative and fun working environment. Many of the engineers in these divisions have come to the company with a depth of musical experience as well, which they take with them into the design and development of each product they make. This ensures a quality and richness of sound that the competitors' lack. NuVo knows a great deal about the importance of making music sound good, and this knowledge and appreciation is built into every product they make.
NuVo Technologies, an innovator in the engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of high -quality audio distribution systems, offers electronics that deliver superior sound quality while integrating seamlessly into the home. NuVo provides superior engineering, distribution, and customer support from its offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, and state -of -the -art manufacturing in mainland China. NuVo products may be seen at the company's comprehensive web site at For press inquiries, please contact Trudi Lynn Luebberst at 513/347 -2180, ext. 586, E -mail:

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