CELLAR CERVEAU Wine Cellar Management Solution

Invictus Wine Group is pleased to announce the newest release of its comprehensive and affordable CELLAR CERVEAU Wine Cellar Management Solution. More than a catalog and organize application -- Much more!

CELLAR CERVEAU is a true inventory management system designed specifically for the wine enthusiast. Whether 100 bottles or 100,000 bottles, you can easily and accurately manage your wine collection with this feature -rich, user -friendly system.

Based on commercial inventory management principals, designed with wine lovers in mind, and integrated with the power of the SQL Relational Database Management System, CELLAR CERVEAUTM provides a robust, readily scalable, easy -to -use wine cellar management solution at an affordable price.

For each bottle you add to your inventory, you can associate fifteen attributes with each item, including:

- Appellation
- Bottle Size
- Brand
- Country
- Purchase Price
- Purchase Date
- Date Cellared

You can also enter a 'Fair Market Value' instead of 'Purchase Price' for gifts or other non -purchase items. This is particularly useful for insurance evaluation purposes.

Images of front and back bottle labels can be stored whether or not the particular wine is currently in your inventory. The system will associate the label images with the appropriate items whether there is current stock or it is added later. Images can be viewed and printed or stored as separate files to make them readily available for other purposes such as emailing. [JPEG & PNG formats supported].

A special feature of the system allows you to remove bottles from inventory, and then easily restore any [or all] of those items to the active inventory, if necessary. Accurate inventory reporting is maintained.

The system provides comprehensive inventory reporting, allowing you to easily and accurately track all aspects of your collection. Reports are generated in PDF -format, allowing you to easily view, print and save the reports. Inventory reports include:

- Purchase Date / Order & Delivery Dates / Date Cellared
- Quantity on Hand / Quantity on Order
- Last Date a Particular Wine Was Added to Inventory
- Last Date a Particular Wine Was Removed from Inventory
- Last Date a Particular Wine Was Purchased
- Reorder/Restock Levels for Each Selection In Inventory
- First -In -First -Out [FIFO] Reporting
- Current Inventory Value Report: Includes Average Purchase Price, Weighted -Average Purchase Price, Total Inventory Value, Total Number of Items and Price Skew
- Bracket Report By Cellar Date
- Bracket Report By Item Cost
- Trend Report: Consumption By Wine Type
- Comprehensive Inventory Report [Insurance Report]

Tasting Notes may be added with or without the associated wine actually being in inventory. When a new tasting note is added, the system checks for matching items in the current inventory, and if found, associates the note with the inventory items. Similarly, when new items are added to inventory, the system checks for notes, and if found, associates the inventory and the note [or notes].

Tasting notes may be searched using a variety of attributes including:

- Appellation
- Author
- Brand
- Country
- Region
- Vintage
- Winery
- Wine Type

Vendor Information: Multiple vendors can be added for each inventory entry. This feature operates in a manner similar to that described for Tasting Notes: The system takes care of associating vendors with inventory.

To facilitate data entry, an extensive array of built -in data is included:

- Appellations - 236
- Bottle Sizes - 16
- Brands - 140
- Categories - 12 [Red, White, Champagne, etc.]
- Cities - 213
- Countries - 240 [ISO 2 -digit and ISO 3 -digit codes]
- Fanciful Names - 17
- Grape Varieties - 40
- Regions - 137
- States - 77
- Vintages - Starting at 1978 [fully user expandable]
- Wine Types - 50 [you can also add Wine Blends]
- Winemakers - 36
- Wineries - 1270

AutoFill makes these data readily available to you for all database search and data entry operations. You can easily add entries to all key attributes, and future updates will be available that will greatly expand these data tables.

Scheduled Database Backup: Allows you to choose Daily or Weekly backups to your CD/DVD drive to protect against loss of your data. This feature will be available as an update to current users.


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