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In today's world of popular gadgetry and fancy gizmos, technology's 'must haves' bring a lot of digital content into our lives. Mvix offers affordable simplicity to consumers encumbered by hardware, software and everything in between....

In today's world of popular gadgetry and fancy gizmos, technology's "must haves" bring a lot of digital content into our lives. With a DVD player to watch the latest flick, a MP3 player to listen to your favorite tunes and a digital camera to record your family's special moments; digital devices, cables and connectors are abound in the American home.

Mvix offers affordable simplicity to consumers encumbered by hardware, software and everything in between with the four -in -one MV -4000U Multimedia Player. A customizable, scaleable and portable entertainment system, Mvix�s multimedia player stores, shares and plays multimedia files such as music or movies. Mvix's player can be connected to a TV, home theater system, projector, Hi -Fi system, or car audio system so you can enjoy your entertainment where and how you want.

"With the MV -4000U we provide to consumers a high -quality media center that's more affordable, more versatile and more compact than what's on the market today," said A.Jay, president of Mvix(USA), Inc. "By giving the American family a way to route their digital movie, photo and audio files to one source we are helping to make life a little easier."

By using a 3.5 hard -disk drive (HDD), the Mvix player works just like an external universal serial bus (USB) 2.0 hard -drive when you connect it to your personal computer. The hard disk capacity is limitless and is a perfect mode for storing media files.

For the discriminate movie watcher, simply connect the Mvix player to your PC and download movies in a variety of video formats such as MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, DivX3.11, 4x, 5x, XviD, DVD(IFO, VOB), VCD. The loaded media center can then be connected to a TV or home theater system so your downloaded movies can be viewed from the comfort of your living room couch.

Forget huddling over a computer screen to view your digital photos. With the Mvix multimedia player you can share your favorite memories with family and friends in a high -quality digital slide show. The player allows you to import your digital JPEG photos so they can be viewed on a TV, projector or home theater system.

Even the most serious music lover will be impressed with the high -quality audio options offered by the Mvix multimedia player. Store a variety of audio files such as AC3, MP2, MP3, DTS pass through, WMA, and OGG; and play your favorite songs over your TV speakers or existing stereo system.

Furthermore, you can kiss your audio cables goodbye. The Mvix player has an internal FM Transmitter module to broadcast audio through FM frequency (four channel) and also includes a number of connectors - analog stereo audio out, composite, component, and S -Video out, and both co -axial and optical digital audio outputs.

"With its many customizable features, compact size and competitive price, the Mvix MV -4000U Multimedia Player is hands -down the best media center on the market," said A.Jay

Additionally, Mvix gives you the power to upgrade the size of the HDD at anytime. You also have the ability to download the latest firmware from the Mvix Web site to ensure your player can support the latest DivX file formats.

The days of going from room to room, gadget to gadget to enjoy your multimedia files are over. Simplify your digital world by routing all of your files to one source - in one room - with the Mvix MV -4000U.

Prices for the multimedia player start as low as $199 and can be purchased online, with free shipping, at www.

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