Watching TV on your PC has never been this easy

EINDHOVEN - This autumn, Marmitek is introducing the Octopus. With this new Marmitek product you can watch TV on your PC or laptop, all very conveniently, without having to open up your PC. You can also use Octopus to transfer video tapes to DVD or hard disk.

The Octopus is very easy to install. All you do is connect the Coax/antenna cable to the back of the Octopus. Using the USB cable included, you connect the Octopus to your PC, and you're ready to watch TV.
No need to open up the PC to insert video cards, which is a massive advantage for a lot of people.
The Octopus can be used in countless situations. Think about the PC in the bedroom, study or kitchen. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to watch TV here? But also when you're on holiday there's no need to miss your favourite programme. Just connect the Octopus to your laptop and you can watch TV!

The Octopus as your personal VCR
The Octopus makes watching TV on your laptop/PC even more fun: you can record TV programmes and use Time Shift to pause a movie, the news or a series to continue viewing the programme later. Very convenient for when you have to pick up the phone or want to get yourself a cup of coffee.

From video to digital files
The Octopus is unique in its diversity. Besides watching TV, you can also use the Octopus to transfer your video tapes into digital files. Who doesn't have tapes of a wedding, birth or other memorable event? With the Octopus you can record these on to DVD or your hard disk without any effort. Archiving becomes child's play, plus the quality of DVD remains high for life, in contrast to video tapes.

Octopus facts
The Octopus is one of the first appliances on the market combining the functions mentioned in one machine. It is also a very user -friendly appliance. A USB2.0/audio cable, RCA cable and remote control are included. The installation CD included contains DirectX, WinDVR3DVD and ShowShifter software.

Retail addresses and more information can be found on: www.marmitek.com.

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