Featuring 30 New Manufacturers and Thousands of New Products, New Catalog is the Most Comprehensive Buying Guide for the 2005 Holiday Selling Season.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ. - October 12, 2005 - - DBL Distributing, Inc., one of the largest wholesalers of consumer electronics accessories and related products in the United States, today announced the release of the industry's most comprehensive Consumer Electronics Catalog for the 2005 holiday selling season. The new DBL Catalog (their largest ever) is 1,032 pages and features nearly 15,000 items from 340 brand name manufacturers. The DBL Catalog is the largest wholesale catalog of Consumer Electronics and related accessories available in the United States.

"This week, 80,000 catalogs were mailed to retailers nationwide," explains David Lorsch, DBL's President and CEO. "We've added 30 well -known manufacturer partners and thousands of new products to create a buying guide essential to retail buyers for the fourth -quarter selling season. This is truly our best and most comprehensive catalog ever!"

Distinguished manufacturing partners such as Philips, Magnavox, Marsh Sound Design, Astar, and Altec Lansing represent some of the newest manufacturers to join the DBL Distributing team. The company also recently signed distribution agreements with H & B, Protron, Tao, Next Generation, MIT, Microsmith, Inc., Dream Gear, Pacific Design, Spherex, Digital Frames, Navman and World Richman. The continuous expansion of products and categories has further solidified DBL's position as a premier wholesale distributor of consumer electronics and accessories in the United States. Plans for additional expansion are always on the horizon as DBL solidifies its position as a driving force in the distribution channel.

Bruce Kuperman, DBL's executive vice president of sales and marketing, calls attention to the superior creative design and layout as well as the increased printing quality this catalog showcases. "We've gone to great lengths to capture true product color, present detailed imagery and provide an easy to follow layout and flow in the catalog," states Kuperman. "We feel it's just as important to show product detail visually, as it is to highlight specific product features - our focus has always been to serve our customers, therefore additional emphasis was placed on product merchandising and lifestyle artwork that showcase products in use to make the buying experience easier on customers."
DBL recently earned a "Top 100 Catalog Companies" ranking by Multichannel Merchant magazine, ranking 94th on the list with total sales exceeding $193 million in 2004, a 32 percent increase over the prior year. The DBL Catalog is mailed free of charge to most Independent Consumer Electronics and Photo Retailers throughout the United States. The DBL Catalog is also available without wholesale pricing so that dealers may use it as a sales aid to their customers. The "No Price Retail Version" is frequently used as a product line extension for DBL's customers. The DBL's Catalog is published three times each year.

About DBL Distributing, Inc.
DBL Distributing, Inc. is one of the nation's top distributors of consumer electronics accessories and related products, with more than 30,000 retail customers nationwide. Headquartered in a custom -built 144,000 square foot facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, DBL carries more than 15,000 products from more than 340 quality manufacturers. DBL offers same day shipping for order placed by 5:00pm MST, a best price for 1 or 100 piece policy and a have no minimum order policy. DBL's business strategy proves that customers come first. For more information please visit http://www.dbldistributing.com/ or contact them at 800.733.6766.

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