LATUS Touch Window with LCD completes the LATUS family

TELETASK LATUS Touch Window with LCD: The NEW LATUS-LCD completes the LATUS family for an affordable control of all the domotics functions

The NEW LATUS -LCD Touch Window has a white LCD screen and behaves like the other LATUS Touch Window products. You are able to set different temperature presets: day, night and stand -by. But also the values of humidity and light sensors are controllable using the known LCD/VFD functionalities, etc.

The LATUS -LCD contains 8 predefined and very powerful dedicated 'buttons' around the LCD screen. TELETASK proposes to use them as thermostat 'buttons', but of course you can change their functionalities for any other purposes. The new LATUS -LCD fits 100% in the existing LATUS design and completes the LATUS family for an affordable control of all the domotics functions.

The LATUS -LCD is available in White and in a Metal Look. Both are available with a standard or a B&O infra -red receiver version. The LATUS is a touch sensitive window. The 'buttons' are printed on a semi transparent label which simply slides behind the touch sensitive window.

The label will be automatically generated by the PROSOFT software with a text and pictograph per 'button'. The ideal control for every environment: powerful, user friendly (text and graphics on every 'button'), high tech, exclusive look (touch sensitive surface) and an original way of working.

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