The company providing premium intelligent solutions for whole-house automation and distributed digital audio solutions has partnered with The EDGE Distributors Group to further expand its distribution base.

Loveland, CO - October 7, 2005 - Colorado vNet, a designer and manufacturer of superior home automation products, has partnered with Denver -based The EDGE Distributors Group to further expand its distribution base.

The agreement, signed in September, brings two premium brands together to challenge the status quo in the home automation industry. "Colorado vNet's Audio and Lighting/Control offer significantly better price/performance solutions than either Crestron or AMX," said Michael Levy, President of The EDGE Group. "Our installer partners and their end -users are seeking complete product and business solutions and the folks at Colorado vNet understand this distribution model."

EDGE, founded in 1999, is a diverse group of distributors that serves top -tier integrators and installers around the country. "We're very particular about the vendor partners we select," said Levy. "Customer satisfaction is key to our success, and Colorado vNet has the infrastructure in place to support the national launch of their remarkable products."

Colorado vNet CEO Bill Beierwaltes praised the new partnership, declaring that, "Many of the top integrators in the country work with local EDGE members. Opening up a direct channel to these people is another demonstration to the industry that our product line -up is of the highest quality."

Levy expects his customers to benefit from the partnership not only because of the products, but also because EDGE offers 'first -level' technical support to customers. "When launching a new line to the market, this responsiveness is particularly critical and many suppliers forget this component. Also, the tremendous up -front investment that Colorado vNet has made in their product will be a huge advantage for those customers who are the first to jump on board."

For his part, Beierwaltes is thrilled to be working with what he describes as one of the most accomplished, customer -focused distribution groups in the country. "We feel very fortunate that we are being introduced to the cream of the integration crop, and we feel that our solutions will make an excellent fit with EDGE's focus on quality and customer value."

About The EDGE Distributors Group
Founded in 1999, The EDGE Distributors Group™ ( consists of 14 regional distributors that primarily serve the premium U.S. custom installation market and select retailers. EDGE partners sell and support products aimed at residential value -added installers and specialty retailers. They encourage growth for their members and customers alike by carefully evaluating, then bringing to market the finest installation products available - emphasizing those that are reliable, innovative and exciting. EDGE members also provide customers with personal attention, and no dealer is ever treated as just a number.

About Colorado vNet
Offering exceptional reliability, scalability and flexibility in application, Colorado vNet ( is committed to providing premium intelligent solutions for whole -house automation and distributed digital audio solutions. Installation and building professionals will see and hear the difference, as Colorado vNet delivers high -quality, cost -effective products; with an ease -of -use and installation that has taken digital distributed audio and lighting control to a whole new level.

Colorado vNet Press Contact: Caster Communications, Inc. at 401.792.7080
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