IMPACT ACOUSTICS™ ANNOUNCES RapidRun™! A Totally New Concept In Cabling!

RapidRun is an entirely new interconnect system that will revolutionize the custom installation industry! RapidRun is a modular, Multi Use Versatile Interconnect that handles signals from UXGA to YPrPb and everything in between!

Dayton, Ohio October 2005 -

Impact Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of high performance audio/video connectivity solutions, proudly presents RapidRun™ - a new, patent -pending Multi Use Versatile Interconnect system! RapidRun is a modular cable system that consists of two Runners™ and a selection of eight BreakAway™ termination jumpers or DECORA™ style wall plates. RapidRun is an entirely new system that will revolutionize the custom installation industry!

The RapidRun system can easily handle UXGA, RGBHV, Component, Composite and S -video along with left and right audio or S/PDIF digital audio signals, in runs from 15 feet to 150 feet. A unique connector system allows a Runner base cable to be pulled through a ¾ -inch conduit with up to a 90 -degree sweep. The locking connector allows perfect termination in seconds for either wall plate or flying -lead BreakAway applications. RapidRun is available in either CL2 or Plenum rated versions for a wide variety of installation environments and applications. The modular design allows a cable carrying a VGA signal, for instance, to be easily and almost instantly re -terminated for component HDTV. Additionally, RapidRun supports mix -and -match terminations for custom combination or break -out connections! RapidRun truly is a Multi Use Versatile Interconnect system.

RapidRun Runners are available in 15, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 -foot lengths. There are two configurations for Runners, UXGA with 3 coaxial cables, 3 twisted pairs plus a single 24AWG pair, or 5 mini -coaxial 75 -ohm precision cables. Runners come complete with a protective pull cap rated for 15 lb/ft of pulling tension. Termination options include HD15, 5 -BNC, 5 -RCA, 3 -RCA Component plus S -Video, 4 -RCA, 3 -RCA YPrPb Component, S -Video plus L/R Audio or Composite plus L/R Audio.

All Impact Acoustics interconnects offer meticulous construction and rigorous engineering in order to ensure optimum quality. Impact Acoustics cabling systems are appropriate for the most demanding installations. All RapidRun products come with a lifetime warranty and 30 -day "No Questions Asked" return policy to make evaluation and purchase easy.



-Exclusive Break -Away design with AnyAngle™ Locking Connector
-Easy Pull through ¾ Inch Conduit with Up To 90ş Sweep
-CL2 or CMP Rated Runners Available
-Versatile, Adaptable, Flexible and Affordable - A Connectivity System That Can Grow With Your Installation!

About Impact Acoustics

Impact Acoustics is a division of Lastar, Inc. Since 1984, Lastar has been a leader in computer connectivity. Under the brand name Cables To Go, Lastar created a line of computer connectivity products renowned for quality and value. Cables To Go uses the finest components and the latest construction technologies to maximize cable performance and ensure compliance with industry specifications for each cable and its designated application. From PC Cables and Adapters to Networking and Data Sharing products, Cables To Go has delivered the best products at an always -competitive price.

In 2002 Lastar created Impact Acoustics in order to deliver its expertise in computer and data connectivity products to the consumer and commercial communications electronics industry. Tasked with a single goal - to manufacture and deliver the finest performing products at the most competitive price possible - Impact Acoustics has the ability to leverage the Lastar manufacturing facilities, sales team, service team and engineering professionals to deliver state -of -the -art audio and video performance at prices that define value. For more information regarding Impact Acoustics visit, or contact Joseph D. Cornwall at (877) 283 -9737 x332. Request samples and access high -resolution images on -line at


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