TeleCIS Wireless to Deliver WiMAX Mobile Chips Incorporating ArrayComm Smart Antenna Technology

Collaboration Will Deliver Significant Performance and Economic Advantages to WiMAX Network Operators

Santa Clara, Calif., October 3, 2005 - ArrayComm and TeleCIS Wireless, Inc today announced a joint development agreement to create products for the upcoming WiMAX "e" (mobile) standard. ArrayComm is the industry leader in smart antenna technology for wireless access (BWA) systems. TeleCIS Wireless, Inc. is a leading developer of multi -protocol BWA chips. The agreement enables each company to make optimal use of the other's technology. TeleCIS Wireless will support ArrayComm's smart antenna solutions in its multi -protocol WiMAX mobile chip and ArrayComm will design its smart antenna solutions to facilitate enhanced performance of the TeleCIS chip.

"Through the combination of our performance leading Rx Technologies and the demonstrated nomadic WiMAX capabilities of our current WiMAX 'fixed' chip, TeleCIS Wireless has enabled the first step toward full wireless broadband mobility. TeleCIS intends to continue its lead in the WiMAX mobile market with low -cost, low -power and best -performance solutions. Devices with TeleCIS technology and the ArrayComm solution will represent the absolute best of breed in terms of performance, with gains exceeding 20dB over other solutions," said Sam Endy, CEO of TeleCIS Wireless.

"TeleCIS, with its strong background in advanced signal processing techniques, is an ideal partner for ArrayComm, and their chipset architecture is well suited to implement these powerful features. Our objective in this collaboration is to deliver breakthrough competitive performance to WiMAX operators," added Martin Cooper, ArrayComm's executive chairman. "The ultimate benefit will be to consumers, who will experience faster speed at lower cost and, as a result, exciting new services and applications."

TeleCIS Wireless is currently developing high performance 802.16/WiMAX/MIMO chips targeting terminal devices in the fixed, nomadic and mobile broadband markets. The company's first chip is 802.16 -2004/WiMAX "fixed" compliant and incorporates the company's Rx Technologies™ performance enhancing techniques, enabling indoor fixed service as well as full nomadic portability within a service area.

Evolving to full mobility, TeleCIS Wireless is also developing a multi -protocol broadband wireless chip combining 802.16e/WiMAX "mobile" and the company's WiFi protocols in a single ASIC. This chip will allow end -users to seamlessly connect to the most appropriate network - anytime and anywhere - and provide a compelling solution for WiMAX operators, user terminal device manufacturers and end -users.

ArrayComm has extensively deployed smart antenna and spatial processing technologies throughout the world and will be implementing those same solutions with TeleCIS to deliver significantly higher coverage quality and data rates for WiMAX client devices. This joint development agreement will ensure the maximum benefits afforded by smart antenna technology to terminal device manufacturers who build their products with TeleCIS WiMAX mobile chipsets.

'It is no great revelation to note that the success of WiMAX will depend on the availability of cost -effective services and cost -effective cell coverage,' said Peter Jarich, Principal Analyst at Current Analysis. 'Smart antenna technologies have long been praised for their ability to improve wireless coverage and capacity. Integrating them with 802.16 solutions has the potential to boost the credibility of WiMAX as a viable, mass -market broadband technology.'

About ArrayComm
ArrayComm LLC, founded in 1992, is the recognized leader in smart antenna solutions for mobile broadband and cellular wireless systems. ArrayComm's technology can deliver large gains in the coverage, capacity, and data rates of any wireless communications system (applications to date include WiMAX, PHS, GSM, WLL, WCDMA, and the iBurst™ broadband wireless system). More than 260,000 base stations in commercial service worldwide are equipped with ArrayComm software. For more information, please visit

About TeleCIS Wireless
TeleCIS Wireless, Inc. ( is a Silicon Valley -based, fabless semiconductor company dedicated to delivering multi -protocol wireless System -on -a -Chip (SoC) solutions with industry leading range and quality of service. Founded in January 2000 to develop chipsets for the WLAN market, the company has 3 commercial WiFi designs to its credit. The Company is using the expertise gained through years of WiFi, OFDM and smart antenna experience to develop SoC Wireless Broadband MIMO chipsets, the first supporting WiMAX Fixed/Nomadic, followed by a multi -protocol SoC supporting WiMAX Mobile and WiFi protocols in a single ASIC.

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