Phase Technology Wins Start Magazine's Best Manufactured Products Award

dARTS Digital Audio Reference Theater System Bypasses Room Acoustics to Give Listeners an Ultra-Realistic Home Theater Audio Experience

JACKSONVILLE, FL - September 26, 2005 - Phase Technology's breakthrough dARTS Digital Audio Reference Theater System was singled out by Start magazine as one of the year's Best Manufactured Products. Every component in the surround home theater array is designed from the earliest stages expressly to work together with all the other individual system parts. New speaker materials, sophisticated digital processing & amplification, and custom room calibration software are all coordinated to provide the richest and most precisely imaged film audio and music available. Because dARTS's custom calibration program lets installers eliminate the negative effects of a listening room's acoustic signature -caused by size, shape, and furnishings -the system delivers to every listener throughout the room crystal clear music and sound effects and a realistic soundstage. dARTS is currently available in a Custom Built -In version for installation in cabinets and behind projection screens, and will be shipped later this year as free -standing and in -wall models.

"It is an honor to receive Start magazine's 'Best Manufactured Products' award for the unique abilities and performance that we achieved with dARTS," said Ken Hecht, president of Phase Technology. "Because every component of dARTS is specifically designed to work together, and each system is customized to perform at maximum within the room in which it's installed, every system delivers breathtaking realism from any film or music programming. dARTS is the culmination of decades of advanced audio engineering, and we plan to continue building its success following this recognition from Start."

At the heart of dARTS is a digital signal processor that manages the incoming audio signal by passing each channel through an active digital crossover. Here the signal is divided with digital precision into discrete frequency ranges that are delivered to each driver. The front speakers feature two 6 -1/2" woofers and a 1" variable -axis soft dome tweeter, while the rear surrounds each use a pair of 5 -1/4" woofers and two 1" tweeters in a dipole/bipole switchable configuration. The center channel has the same tweeter placed between a 6 -1/2" woofer and a midrange.

Low frequencies are delivered via a 500 watt, dual -10" ultra long -throw subwoofer. Each speaker will be available in any of the three versions -Custom Built -In, full cosmetic wood/aluminum, and in -wall -to let installers customize not only dARTS's sound but its look for any project.

The dARTS calibration software, included with the system, leads installers through determining a room's acoustic signature, using a microphone to record audio response at various listening positions throughout the room and loading the measurements into the DP2000 amplifier. The amp then uses the response data to develop a room correction curve and provide the ideal performance parameters from each speaker to each seat.

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About Phase Technology

Phase Technology Corporation (toll -free at 888 -PHASE TK; website at is one of the few fully -vertically integrated American speaker manufacturers. In 2005, the company celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its inception as original equipment manufacturer, United Speaker Systems. Today, it still designs and produces all speaker components in -house. Phase Technology's speaker lines incorporate many proprietary innovations like the soft -dome tweeter, the industry's standard invented by Bill Hecht, founder of Phase Technology. Other patents include the positive -clamping mounting system for the premier in -wall Model CI -110 Series II and IW -200 in -wall subwoofer. The company also developed the Unicell™ Zero -Diffraction treatment that reduces acoustic reflections off cabinet and grille surfaces. Phase Technology manufactures its wood cabinets by hand and performs quality control tests at every step of fabrication.

Backed by five decades of design and engineering excellence in the manufacture of high quality, affordable speakers, Phase Technology supports its products with a 10 -year warranty on speakers, while amplifiers are backed by a 3 -year warranty. Phase Technology's digital home theater, audiophile, outdoor, in -wall/in -ceiling custom installation speakers, as well as powered and in -wall subwoofers are constructed at the company's Jacksonville, Florida facility.

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