Keeping consumers' style demands in mind, all Resolution Series speakers will feature both cherry and black finishes.

CEDIA EXPO 2005 - Sept. 7 -11 - Booth #124 - Krell Industries is meeting the stylistic desires of its demanding clientele by releasing the popular Resolution Series loudspeakers in a black finish. Based on dealer and customer feedback, Krell saw the benefit of making the universally accepted black finish as well as the standard cherry available to the public.

Applying the same Lossless Acoustic Transducer (LAT) technology and design principles that are the foundation of the LAT Series loudspeakers, the Resolution Series marries state -of -the -art components with beautifully crafted cabinets to create a loudspeaker unlike any before it.

Understanding that cabinet construction is as vital to the performance of a loudspeaker as the drivers and crossover network, the Resolution Series cabinets are a robust 1 -inch thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) while the baffles are an unprecedented 2 -inch thick MDF ensuring the complete elimination of baffle resonance. Midrange drivers are isolated within their own enclosures and the speaker's internal bracing is asymmetrically aligned to further increase the cabinet's rigidity. The curvature of the cabinets not only adds to their aesthetics, but also helps eliminate internal standing waves that can be detrimental to sound quality.

Krell's extensive knowledge in building high performance electronics gave them the expertise to build a crossover network for the Resolution Series that acts like a natural extension to their amplifiers, effectively directing the power to the drivers unimpeded. All crossover components are mounted on 1/8 -inch epoxy glass circuit boards and the multiple potted polypropylene capacitors are wired in parallel to minimize inductance and resistance causing less amplifier strain and making the speakers effortless to drive. The Resolution Series crossover networks are also engineered to provide an extremely smooth impedance curve with high efficiency, thereby, presenting a predictable, nearly ideal load to the power amplifier.

The Krell Resolution line features the Resolution 1 and 2 tower speakers, Resolution C center channel, Resolution 3 bookshelf speakers, Resolution 4 on -wall speakers and the Resolution Subwoofer. All of the Resolution speakers feature high quality, WBT binding posts for better connectivity. When combined with Krell's Class A, KAV or Showcase electronics, the Resolution Series loudspeakers complete a music and home theater system of stunning dynamics and clarity.

Pricing for the Resolution Series is as follows: Resolution One $12,000/pair, Resolution Two $8,500/pair, Resolution Three $4,500/pair, Resolution Four $3,000/pair, Resolution Center $4,000/each, Resolution Subwoofer $6,000/each. Resolution Series speakers in black will be available Q4 2005.

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Established in 1980, Krell Industries, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of high -end audio equipment. Guided by the innovative designs and guidance of CEO Dan D'Agostino, Krell's extensive line of amplifiers, preamplifiers, DVD players, surround sound processors, and loudspeakers are renowned for their exceptional quality, and the Krell brand has become synonymous with outstanding high -end performance among music and home theater enthusiasts everywhere.

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