Sunfire Launches Breakthrough Flat Eight™ Mini Amp With Maxi Power, Performance and Versatility

Innovative Technology Leads to 5-Pound, 8-Channel, 100-Watt, High-Current, Cool-Running, Installer-Friendly Amp Ideal for Multi-Room Audio Solutions


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Sunfire Launches Breakthrough Flat Eight™ Mini Amp With Maxi Power, Performance and Versatility

Innovative Technology Leads to 5 -Pound, 8 -Channel, 100 -Watt, High -Current, Cool -Running, Installer -Friendly Amp Ideal for Multi -Room Audio Solutions

CEDIA EXPO, INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 9, 2005 - Sunfire Corp., a specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of high -end audio/video components and subwoofers for the custom installation and retail markets, introduces the extraordinary Flat Eight™ Power Amplifier at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo 2005, beginning today in Indianapolis.

Harnessing innovative new amplifier technology by audio innovator Bob Carver, the Flat Eight is the embodiment of power, grace and style. It packs eight high -current channels of 100 Watts each into a compact, cool -running chassis only one inch high and weighing only five pounds, three ounces. At 8 ohms, with only two channels driven, the amplifier provides over 130 Watts per channel.

Ideal for whole -house audio and multi -room applications, the Flat Eight is installer -friendly and easy to place - even in crowded equipment racks - thanks to its small size and cool -to -the -touch operation. At the same time, it is uncompromising in performance, delivering a carefully voiced audiophile sound with a smooth, liquid mid -range, and soft, sweet highs.

Sunfire's new technology is a major step forward in amplifier design that focuses three forces on one spot. The delicate incoming musical signal and the massive in -rushing wall voltage are brought together at a critical angle resulting in a perfectly modulated outgoing current music to the ears of the loudspeakers.

Bob Carver's new power supply design takes his tried and true Downconverter™ technology to the final step for 2005. Combining a new linear amplifier topology with the power supply allows an amplifier that can deliver 800 watts RMS from the combined output of eight channels.

The efficiency of the amplifier's operation results in almost no wasted electricity and little, if any, heat. The amplifier draws power from the wall outlet only as needed, converting it to DC in real time, modulating and filtering it into extremely pure, low -distortion audio. This eliminates the need for a fan or large heat sinks, and makes it possible to design the Flat Eight as a small yet incredibly powerful component capable of driving demanding speaker loads.

Performance characteristics include the ability to deliver up to 1,040 Watts into 4 ohms with total harmonic distortion of no more than 0.5 percent. The amplifier also exhibits a frequency response of 2Hz to 80kHz (+0/ -3 db), a noise floor 110dB below maximum output, a damping factor of 20, and the ability to drive load impedances from 2.7 to 32 ohms at full power without shutting down.

Additional features include Signal Sensing/Auto On, which automatically turns each channel pair ON when a signal is present, and automatically turns each channel pair OFF when no signal is present, further contributing to the amplifier's superior operating efficiency and user convenience. The front panel reveals four status LEDs, indicating which channels are in use. Built in protection circuits include automatic low - and high -frequency speaker protection circuits, as well as speaker short -circuit protection, input overload and static electricity protection up to 150,000 volts. The amplifier also contains a 12 -volt trigger for turning it on and off remotely, and optional rack handles. There's even a just -in -case high -temperature indicator. "If it comes on once in ten years," says Bob Carver, "I'll eat my hat."

The Flat Eight Power Amplifier comes in a light Titanium finish that matches other Sunfire components, and will be available within 90 days from authorized Sunfire dealers at a suggested retail price of $1,495. It can be seen with Sunfire's other outstanding products in Booth 1840, Indiana Convention Center, and at Sunfire's bi -level suite at the Omni -Severin Hotel, during CEDIA EXPO.

About Sunfire
Based in Snohomish, Washington, and founded by renowned audio innovator Bob Carver, Sunfire designs, develops and manufacturers audio products that deliver exceptional performance, features and value, creating powerful, exciting Home Theater experiences. Key Sunfire components include the True Subwoofer Series, the Theater Grand IV Preamplifier Processor, the Ultimate Receiver II, and the Cinema Grand Signature Series of amplifiers. Dedicated to improving the state of the art in audio, Sunfire's several patented technologies include the Tracking Downconverter™ power supply used in its acclaimed, award -winning subwoofers and amplifiers, and the High Pressure, High -Back -EMF technology also used in its subwoofers. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at, or contact Stan Pinkwas at

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