Liberty Wire & Cable Exhibits High -Performance Cables for Rental & Staging Applications

Serial Digital RGBHV Stage Cable, Speaker Cables, Star Quad™ Mic Cables, Preassembled Cables and EZSTAGETM Add New Solutions to Liberty Lines


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Liberty Wire & Cable Exhibits High -Performance Cables for Rental & Staging Applications

Serial Digital RGBHV Stage Cable, Speaker Cables, Star Quad™ Mic Cables, Preassembled Cables and EZSTAGETM Add New Solutions to Liberty Lines

CEDIA EXPO, Indianapolis, Sept. 9, 2005 - Liberty Wire & Cable, worldwide supplier of a broad range of wire and cable products for the audio/video trade, including custom installers and systems integrators, exhibits several new professional audio and video cable products, designed to meet the unique requirements of the Rental & Staging professionals, as well as systems integrators and custom installers, at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo 2005, beginning here today.

Liberty's rental -and -staging products include a new Serial Digital RGBHV Stage Cable, new Speaker Cables, Star Quad™ Microphone Cables, new varieties of Preassembled Cable, and the EZSTAGETM portable stage box. All the cables are the highest quality available and feature jackets that coil easily, lie flat, and resist dirt and cuts. They offer the highest electrical performance, including high bandwidth and low loss, and employ extremely rugged connectors and assemblies.

Liberty's new Serial Digital RGBHV Stage Cable is designed for longer runs and higher resolutions. It combines five, stranded 22 AWG coax cables with a soft tactical jacket. A premier staging cable, it offers wider bandwidth, is highly flexible, and is available in bulk or pre -assembled with either traditional connectors or Liberty's exclusive ConnecTec™ Connectors.

In Speaker Cables, Liberty offers new 12 and 14 AWG cables with 4 and 8 conductors. The lighter cable is ideal for short, low -power runs and the heavier duty cable for higher power and longer runs. Used to their fullest capacity, they deliver the best performance available from amplifiers and speakers. The cables can be supplied with Speakon™ and Amphenol™ AP series connectors, or with tinned, spade lug, and other connectors as needed in custom lengths.

Liberty's Star Quad™ Microphone Cables feature soft but tough tactical jackets. They're extremely flexible, have the "right" feel, and use different colors to identify the four 24 AWG conductors to simplify alternative wiring schemes. The cables have 95 -percent braid shielding, and a two -conductor version is available for longer runs. Field -repairable XLR connectors enable users to extend their lives if damaged. The cables are available in black, red and blue; in stock lengths of 15, 20, 25 and 50 feet; and in bulk.

Liberty's new Preassembled Cables are designed by video engineers for video professionals. They use only 26 AWG Coax cable and 75 -ohm connectors, and are available in a broad variety of formats, including RGB, S -Video, VGA, VGA to BNC, ProjectorNET™, DVI, HDMI, Data, EZLINX™ Termination, and RS232.

The new EZSTAGETM is a six -port portable Audio Snake stage box developed for Rental & Staging applications. It's designed to mate with EZLINXTM bulk cable and expand the capabilities of Liberty's Audio Snake items. The box is manufactured using a modular design that allows EZSTAGE units to snap together. A custom box can be created with up to six ports supporting six channels, with each requiring its own specific bulk cable link. EZSTAGE also utilizes a common ground for the six channels.

Liberty's new Rental & Staging cable products are available now from authorized Liberty dealers, and can be seen with Liberty's other fine products at Booth 822, Indiana Convention Center, during CEDIA EXPO.

About Liberty Wire & Cable

Liberty is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., and is in its 14th year of operation. Its core goods, sold primarily for audio/video and security applications, consist of a complete line of wire and cable products along with connectors and connector systems, cable assemblies, interconnects. and a broad range of related accessories. Liberty principally serves the residential, commercial, broadcast, and rental and staging segments of the pro/AV industry. It also enjoys long -term relationships with a number of prominent OEMs. Liberty manufactures and markets the PanelCrafters line of custom and stock plates and panels. The company, which sells in 49 countries, has other facilities in Charlotte, N.C., and Phoenix, Ariz., and holds memberships in CEDIA, ICIA, and NSCA.

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Octava -4K UHD Video Over LAN Matrix Switch. Video Wall Processor

Octava -4K UHD Video Over LAN Matrix Switch. Video Wall Processor

The Octava PRO DSX is a simple to use, powerful video distribution solution designed to deliver HD video including 4k UHD from multiple sources to multiple displays. The PRO DSX also functions as a Video Wall processor to create n x m video walls. The PRO DSX delivers HD video over standard CATx LAN cables allowing for simple integration in virtually any infrastructure. The PRO DSX was specifically designed for ease of use for residential installations and engineered for scalability to accommodate large video distribution systems such as education, corporate , and hospitality applications. Easy to configure and customize for your video system - Build virtually any size video matrix switch system. The Pro DSX is a scalable platform enabling easy system growth. Simply add PRO DSX TX for each video sources required and a PRO DSX-RX per display. Video Wall Support- The PRO DSX features a built-in video wall processor that enables you to create custom video walls.