Refined CD Player Joins Classe's Delta Range

Montréal, Québec, Canada -Sept. 2005

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Montréal, Québec, Canada -Sept. 2005 -Classé Audio has unveiled its latest design, a stylish compact disc player featuring superb audio performance, a unique front -panel touchscreen control interface, and a sophisticated, slot -loading drive mechanism. The combination qualifies the new CDP -102, the latest addition to the Canadian maker's highly acclaimed Delta family of audio and AV creations, as perhaps the world's most elegant audio component, but there's more: The CDP -102's touchscreen also functions as a video "preview display," for easy, self -prompting navigation of high -resolution recordings without requiring the bulk, complication, or potential for noise and signal -degradation of a full -sized video display.

Of course, the CDP -102's stunning appearance simply complements what's underneath: an audio component of world -class, reference -standard performance. Based on the same platform as the renowned CDP -300, the two -channel CDP -102 utilizes the same kind of masterfully engineered, ultra -stable and noise -free power -supply design, and utilizes Classé's proprietary, differential -converter implementation and jitter -canceling re -clocking topology. These deliver fully balanced audio that is derived in complementary format directly from the digital -to -analog process, using 24 -bit/192 kHz Fs signals; unbalanced outputs are also provided. Combined with Classé's famously transparent, detailed analog -audio stages and obsessive care in component selection, the result is stereo reproduction of the very highest standard, from even the most challenging recordings.

The new CDP -102 is compatible with a wide range of CD formats: conventional audio compact discs, DVD -Video, DVD -Audio, and DualDisc productions, Video -CD and S -VCD discs, and data CD -ROMs carrying MP3, WMA, or AAC files, including any of the foregoing on CD -R or CD -RW media. While the Classé is fundamentally a two -channel component, it is designed to reproduce downmixed stereo of the highest standard from multichannel recordings (and delivers multichannel Dolby Digital and DTS from its digital outputs on discs so encoded), and includes composite - and S -Video outputs for the convenience of connecting outboard, standard -definition video monitors.

Like all Classé components the Delta Series CDP -102 is crafted entirely by Classé at its Quebec facilities, employing best -available componentry and materials throughout and finished to the exquisite standards associated with the its name worldwide. The CDP -102 will be available in September 2005, at a manufacturer's suggested price of $4,000.

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