Small, Powerful SpeakerLinX™ SL250 Features 50-Watts X 2 Digital Amplifier / Room Controller and 5-Band EQ. PowerLinX™ PL750 Power Supply Also Debuts

INDIANAPOLIS, IND - September 9, 2005 - - NetStreams®, the global leader in networked entertainment systems based on Internet protocol (IP) technology, introduced the SpeakerLinX™ SL250 IP -based Intelligent Amplifier, its first 50 -watt per channel digital amplifier / room controller in the DigiLinX lineup, and the PowerLinX™ PL750 Power Supply here today at the CEDIA Expo.

Part of the NetStreams' DigiLinX™ line of IP -Based Multi -Room Audio and Control products, the SpeakerLinX SL250 is an IP -Based amplifier / room controller designed to mount adjacent to an in -wall speaker, in a wall or ceiling, or in a rack. The PowerLinX PL750 is a rack mountable, central power supply for DigiLinX installations consisting of the new SL250 as well as other DigiLinX devices.

"The addition of the SL250 and PL750 gives our dealers more choices and increased flexibility within the DigiLinX system," said Herman Cardenas, founder and CEO of NetStreams. "NetStreams has always placed a high importance on delivering the best audio quality possible and these new additions to our DigiLinX IP -Based Multi -Room Audio and Control product line enhance this commitment."

NetStreams' DigiLinX Networked Distributed Audio System marks a fundamental change in the way audio is distributed and controlled in a multi -room system. DigiLinX is comprised of IP -Based audio products that distribute audio content and control signals to multiple rooms over an Ethernet network using TCP/IP protocol.

SpeakerLinX SL250 Amplifier
Expanding its line of SpeakerLinX IP -Based intelligent amplifier / room controllers, NetStreams has added the SL250, upgrading the power over the SL220 from 20 to 50 watts per channel. Incorporating a 2 -channel high -power digital amplifier (50W x 2) from ApogeeŅ, the SL250 delivers high performance digital stereo power for larger room applications. The amplifier provides superb audio quality while managing a graphical user interface.

With footprint just slightly larger than a credit card, an SL250 can be mounted near or immediately adjacent to virtually any in -wall speaker. This is advantageous because it minimizes power and damping losses, while yielding impressive clarity and definition typically heard in expensive audiophile systems.

Helping to enhance the audio quality further, the SL250 incorporates a new 5 -band graphic equalizer allowing the installer to customize the sound in each room, as well as 12 DSP presets for the consumer to select via the TouchLinX or other web -browser based controller. In addition, the SL250 incorporates a high capacity (680 MIPS) processor, serving as the controller for the room. The processor intelligently communicates and organizes information from every node on a TCP/IP -Based home network, effectively eliminating the need for a central system controller and long hours of programming.

The SpeakerLinX SL250, like it's little brother the SL220, decodes and plays uncompressed (PCM and .WAV) digital audio files in their native formats, an advantage for the more discriminating listener. In addition, both models handle streaming compressed MP3 files with ease.

The SL250 also employs upgradeable firmware, so installers can add additional features for customers after installation. NetStreams has had four firmware upgrades to add features to the system this year, with more planned.

The SpeakerLinX SL250 also features an EIM connection for EIM devices such as the NetStreams Audio Port, KeyLinX (launched earlier this year), and MU290 2x90W power amplifier.

The SL250's dimensions 3.625" x 2.875" x 1.75" (91mm x 72mm x 44mm) (W x H x D): identical to the SL220, so installers can use the same mounting accessories in an installation. The SpeakerLinX offers mounting accessories for most installation situations, including a surface mounting plate (for mounting a SpeakerLinX on a truss or a beam), in -wall mounting kit (both models can fit in a 2 -gang backless box), or universal rack mount plate where mounting the amplifiers in a rack is necessary.

PowerLinX PL750 Power Supply
The new PowerLinX PL750 is also being introduced as a higher capacity central power supply for installations involving one or more SpeakerLinX SL250s. "The new amplifier draws more current than our first offering, the SL220, so it was necessary to develop a beefier power supply to maximize installation efficiency and performance," commented Cardenas.

PowerLinX is an intelligent power supply that is designed to distribute up to 27 amps @ 28 VDC of power, to multiple DigiLinX products. This tightly regulated power supply is essential for a DigiLinX system, and addition PowerLinX power supplies may be required as the DigiLinX system is scaled in size.

The PowerLinX PL750 is a very efficient power supply and features 8 discrete output channels of power for multiple DigiLinX devices, via a 4 -terminal, removable Quick Connector on the back, for each channel. Advanced thermal protection intelligently protects from current overdraw, and dual -color status LEDs easily provide status information for easy monitoring of each output of power.

Each PowerLinX module is designed to support a finite number of DigiLinX IP -Based Multi -Room Audio products. Calculating the number of PowerLinX devices needed for your DigiLinX installation is extremely easy. Each DigiLinX product carries a NetPower™ factor. The PowerLinX PL750 can support a quantity of DigiLinX devices with a total NetPower of 168 - double that of the entry level PowerLinX PL600.

NetStreams DigiLinX family of IP -Based products offers very high quality and high performance audio distribution and control and a rich user experience only available in high cost systems today. This innovative product line is the first IP -Based Multi -Room Audio and Control system in the custom market; IP -Based meaning a system that is not only controlled over IP, but also distributes its audio over packet switched streams.

Both products are slated to ship the end of September.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams provides sophisticated networked audio, leading the marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state -of -the -art human engineering to create home entertainment products that are truly user -friendly and future -compatible. NetStreams is creating the future of home entertainment today.

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NetStreams is a registered trademark of NetStreams, LLC. DigiLinX, SpeakerLinX PowerLInX, and NetPower are trademarks of NetStreams L.L.C. Apogee is registered trademark of Apogee Electronics

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