Avocent Delivers Multimedia KVM Switches Targeted at SMB

Avocent Delivers Multimedia KVM Switches Targeted at SMB Compact and Versatile Solutions for the SOHO PC and/or Mac Desktop

Avocent Delivers Multimedia KVM Switches Targeted at SMB

Compact and Versatile Solutions for the SOHO PC and/or Mac Desktop

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - September 13, 2005 - Avocent Corporation (NASDAQ: AVCT) today announced its new line of SwitchView® multimedia keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switches. These switches enable desktop users to share peripherals such as keyboards, monitor, mouse, scanners, speakers, microphones, printers, cameras, PDAs and other USB peripherals with up to four PC and/or Mac computers.

Avocent has been the leading innovator in KVM switching since the '80s. Since then the company has focused attention on developing the high -end data center market as well as small and medium sized businesses. Avocent technology appears in virtually every major data center around the globe. The technology used to control mission critical corporate applications has now been adopted in an affordable line of KVM desktop switches.

"Although we've done well selling entry -level two and four port switches in the past, our focus has been on the mid -market and higher," said Michael Helms, desktop KVM product manager. "These new products provide many high quality features at exceptional values."

The Avocent SwitchView KVM switch line features a built -in USB hub which enables the switching of KVM audio and USB hub ports independently or jointly. For example, users can utilize the peripherals activated from one PC while working on another. The SwitchView PC, SwitchView MM1, SwitchView MM2, and SwitchView DVI KVM switches provide varying features depending on users' needs.

The SwitchView PC Switch allows users to control up to four PS/2 computers from one keyboard, monitor and mouse - retaining valuable desktop space for other peripherals.

The SwitchView MM1 Switch allows users to switch between USB or PS/2 systems, sharing USB devices and controlling multimedia applications. The SwitchView MM1 model provides independent switching for KVM and two USB 1.1 hub ports. With the SwitchView multimedia KVM switch you can use one compact device to control multiple PCs and share access to your USB devices, digital camera, CD - ROM, PDA, scanner or printer.

The SwitchView MM2 Switch provides independent switching for KVM and two USB 2.0 hub ports. This model will support users who would benefit from the faster speed associated with the USB 2.0 standard. The MM2 also provides hot -key switching and supports the multimedia keys found on some USB keyboards.

The SwitchView DVI Switch easily manages two USB DVI (digital visual interface) computers from a single USB keyboard, mouse and DVI monitor. With video resolutions up to 1600x1200, the SwitchView DVI switch delivers crisp images for today's high -end displays, making it an ideal management tool for the video enthusiast. Audio, microphone and a built in two port USB 2.0 hub are added benefits.

SwitchView KVM switches are backed by the Avocent two -year warranty and technical support. Avocent SwitchView products are available at leading resellers.

About Avocent Corporation
Avocent Corporation is the leading supplier of connectivity solutions for enterprise data centers, service providers and financial institutions worldwide. Branded products include switching, extension, intelligent platform management interface (IPMI), remote access and video display solutions. Additional information is available at: www.avocent.com

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