Accell Delivers Worlds Longest HDMI and DVI Cables

Accell, a provider of premium audio/video interconnects and computer cables, today announced their new UltraRun line of premium HDMI and DVI cables.

Fremont, Calif., Sept 9, 2005 - Accell, a provider of premium audio/video interconnects and computer cables, today announced their new UltraRun line of premium HDMI and DVI cables. The UltraRun line is the worlds first copper conductor HDMI and DVI long run cables available in lengths of up to 45 meters. These cables will be previewed at the CEDIA 2005 exhibition in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Length limitations have been a critical challenge in the HDMI/DVI cable industry due to degradation and loss of signal integrity when using cables longer than 15 feet. Accells new UltraRun HDMI and DVI cables are designed using a miniature signal equalizer and booster. This exclusive technology is seamlessly integrated into the end of the cable providing high -definition digital transmission without signal loss. The UltraRun cables require no external power, support resolutions of up to 1080p and are HDCP compatible.

The customization of home theaters has been hindered by the inability to transfer digital video signals over long cable lengths. Accell now provides an affordable all -in -one cable solution for audio/video installations that require long cable runs, stated Michael Weizer, Director of Marketing at Accell. Accells UltraRun cables open up the market to HDMI and DVI in long run applications.

Geared for residential and commercial installers, the UltraRun line is the worlds first affordable and truly long run HDMI and DVI cables that deliver a high -definition digital signal without noise or degradation. UltraRun cables are CL -2 compliant for in -wall installations. Installers now have the capability of positioning displays or projectors up to 45 meters away from the video source without the need for expensive fiber optic cables or combining cables using bulky repeaters. The Accell UltraRun line can be viewed at the CEDIA 2005 exhibition on September 9 -11, booth #1547.

Accell is currently qualifying dealers and resellers to market our innovative interconnect products. For more information, please contact Tenny Sin at (510) 438 -9288, x301 or

About Accell
Accell, a wholly owned subsidiary of BizLink Technology, is focused on the design, manufacture and delivery of affordable, high quality connectivity products including audio/video cables and interconnects, computer and networking cables. Accell produces high quality and innovative connectivity products by combining the low cost benefits of a global manufacturer and the design capabilities of a Silicon Valley based engineering and marketing team. Accell is a member of CEDIA and CEA. For more information, please visit our Web site at

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