This technology, originally developed for the military to create the most faithful effect possible in flight simulators, really brings the sound-track of any movie or music CD to life.

Modern home cinema and home entertainment systems have to deal with an increasing array of special effects, bangs, whoops and crashes. The usual way of reproducing those powerful bass sounds (T -Rex clomping over your azaleas!) has been to install a quality sub -woofer alongside your speakers. Now there's a new and better way with Tactile Sound Transducers from Clark Synthesis, distributed in Europe by THE MAX.

This technology, originally developed for the military to create the most faithful effect possible in flight simulators, really brings the sound -track of any movie or music CD to life. Imagine watching AND FEELING the cannons take down Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai. To achieve the same tactile effect with a traditional subwoofer would take more amps than most people's ears could bear.

The transducer works on the basis of converting sound into vibrations which are conducted (mainly below 800Hz) throughout the listener's body including into his/her ears. The effect is truly to "immerse" the listener in the sound experience without the need to crank up the volume and annoy others in adjacent rooms or homes.

As Chris Metalle of The Max puts it: "Installers have rarely had a problem selling the concept of a sub -woofer as the audio difference is so clear. With these transducers the difference is there too, only more so. And they're safer - you don't need to turn up the volume to get the same quality experience. These are a must for any home cinema."

The transducers are easily installed beneath cinema or car seats, under riser floors or beneath outdoor decking and provide a full range reproduction not just a 'shaker' experience. This means the listener gets better depth and clarity at middle and high frequencies through bone conduction not just a seat wobble at the lower frequencies. There is even a version for use in swimming pools - ideal for playing the theme to Jaws!

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ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

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