NEW MEDIAMAX SERVER SUPPORTS HD GRAPHICS/VIDEO, MUSIC COVER ART Now Supports HD Video/Photos/GUI, Music Cover Art, Instant Media Access and Rhapsody



Now Supports HD Video/Photos/GUI, Music Cover Art, Instant Media Access and Rhapsody

Axonix Celebrates its 22nd Year, Signs up Its 150th Partner and Receives Crestron Certification

September 1st, 2005 - Axonix Corporation has announced the addition of several value -added features to its MediaMax™ multi -room, multimedia on -demand home entertainment system including the support for High Definition (HD) source video playback, HD Graphical User Interface (GUI), HD Photos plus Music cover art. In addition Axonix is now Crestron® certified and the MediaMax supports a number of other leading Home Control systems including AMX®, NetStreams®, Elan®, CasaWorks® and XanTech® among many others.

MediaMax allows any user in any room to instantly watch any DVD movie with a click of a remote control button. Unlike other movie -only servers, MediaMax users can also listen to their favorite music or an Internet radio program, watch recorded TV shows, show -off family movies or photo albums, email, and surf the Web. All media is instantly accessible through the included hand held wireless remote controller or other home remote controller.

The new MediaMax system includes a new MediaDeck 2 set -top appliance that attaches to the audio/video system and plays the selected media. MediaDeck 2 now allows the playback of HD video sources such as Off The Air (OTA) broadcast TV shows and to be announced HD DVD's such as Windows Media 9 (WM9) movies. MediaMax supports WM9 movies up to 1080i with Digital Rights Management 9 (DRM9) or MPEG2 movies up to 720p.

In addition MediaMax now supports a full HD GUI that displays 15 movie cover arts per page and source HD photos up to 1080i. It also supports scaling Standard Definition (SD) 480i videos up to 1080i. Other new features include:

- Music Cover Art Service - Like its Movie Cover Art service, Music Cover Art is now automatically retrieved and displayed during playback. Both the Movie and Music Cover Art services are free.
- Movie Resume - Movie Resume allows resume a movie that was stopped from any room.
- MAXcess - The Mediadeck 2's Instant Media Access (iMAXcess) USB connector allows you to now instantly view photos and play iPOD or other mobile music in any MediaDeck based room.
- Auto Favorites - Playlists of your most played movies and music are now created automatically.
- Rhapsody Music Service - Access the Online Rhapsody music service and browse, download and share songs from a library of over 1 million songs.

The company is also offering a V5.X software upgrade for existing MediaMax customers for $250 (USD). This allows those who own SD MediaDecks to inexpensively support many of the new non -HD features offered in the new V5.X software such as Music Cover Art.

Axonix is pleased to announce that it is celebrating its 22nd year of delivering tens of thousands of world class quality products to customers around the world.

Axonix also announced its membership as a Crestron Certified Integrated Partner Program and the availability of a Crestron touch -panel user interface to control the MediaMax. "We welcome Axonix to the family of Crestron Integrated partners." says Chris Wildfoerster director, market development for Crestron, "Our integration with Multimedia servers is becoming commonplace in both the residential and commercial markets."

An Interface Module is available at no charge from Axonix that supports a majority of the Crestron® line of Touch Panels including the STX -1700CXP, TPC -2000L, TPC -3000, TPS -4000, TPC -5000 and the new TPMC -10. Smaller panels are also supported.

MediaMax supports an unlimited number of rooms per server with up to 30 rooms having simultaneous access to any movie and unlimited "add as you need it" media storage capacity.

MediaMax is the most affordable Multimedia Server available. On average the MediaMax costs less than one half of comparable movie only Media Servers.

MediaMax is sold exclusively through the company's worldwide network of 150 Highend Integration Partners (HIPs). MediaMax is the perfect value -added peripheral since it can be cost effectively installed, supported, expanded and customized.

MediaMax installs in minutes on wired or wireless Ethernet LANs. Custom "yacht" models and unlimited room models are available especially for hotel and other MDU applications.

Retail pricing starts at $10,995 for a 1 room rackmount MediaMax system that stores, on average, 40 DVD movies and hundreds of music CDs, MP3's, photos and other media. Add -on MediaDrive 250GB modules that store on average 40 movies are priced at $695. MediaStore external Firewire add -on storage appliances with capacities from 250GB's to 2 TeraBytes are retail priced from $1,495 to $8,995.

Adding additional rooms costs only $1,195 for a MediaDeck and an IR remote controller.

All MediaServer models come with a 15 inch color Administrator LCD monitor and are available in either a desktop or a 19 -inch rackmount chassis. The PowerFile™ software utility's pricing is being announced at CEDIA 2005, Indianapolis.
Axonix is exhibiting MediaMax at the CEDIA September 9th - 11th, 2005 at the Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome, Indianapolis Indiana in Booth 58.
Contact: Tyler Sinquefield, 800.866.9797 X 215 or Axonix Corporation 844 South 200 East Salt Lake City Utah Telephone: 801.521.9797 Toll Free: 800.866.9797 Web Site:

Axonix Corporation celebrates its 22nd year of delivering tens of thousands of affordable media sharing solutions to companies such as Dell®, Gateway® and NEC®. Its latest offering, the award winning MediaMax™, is the world's first multi -room media server to load, store and share on -demand movies, music, photos, Internet content and other media. Combining elegant operation with uncompromised quality, MediaMax has quickly become the solution of choice for home/yacht/hotel/school and digital signage integrators around the world. MediaMax is entertainment at its best … simple, fast and fun!

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