Snell Expands the Custom Series with Four In -Wall Models and a New In -Cabinet Model

Five new models offer custom installation solutions with a high level of sonic accuracy and appealing prices

Snell Acoustics, acclaimed for their traditional handcrafted loudspeakers with leading edge designs, introduces five new models to their Custom Series loudspeaker line up, during the CEDIA Expo 2005.

Consistent with Snell's philosophy to offer solutions for all applications, four in -wall models and an in -cabinet model have been added to the Custom Series. All five Custom Series models are designed to sound like a specific model in the acclaimed Series 7. These invisible solutions rival their Series 7 floorstanding and bookshelf counterparts. For instance, the AMC 730 is based on the K7 bookshelf monitor, the AMC 770, is the M7 monitor, the AMC 830 is designed after the LCR7 and the AMC 870 is modeled on the D7 Tower. Additionally, the ICS 1070 is an in -cabinet version of the D7 Tower optimized for close boundary placement and the best possible performance inside an entertainment center.

"Our goal in designing these new Custom Series models based on the Series 7 was to produce a range of custom solutions that offer a new level of sonic accuracy and esthetic appeal at affordable prices, " says Joseph D'Appolito, Snell Acoustics Chief Designer. "We used the same select line of drivers from the Series 7 that incorporates the latest advances in dynamic driver design and reengineered them specifically for flushmount and in -cabinet use."

All the new Custom Series models were tuned to conform to the sonic characteristics of the equivalent Series 7 models, so it is possible to mix any speaker in the series, be it in -wall, on -wall or floorstanding and be assured perfect timbral matching and integration in any application.

In -Walls
Each in -wall model is equipped with a 1 -inch silk dome tweeter with Snell's exclusive "Directed Power" waveguide. The AMC 730 houses a single 5.25 -inch mid/bass driver with butyl rubber surround and the AMC 770 uses a 6.5 -inch mid/bass driver offering extended sensitivity and frequency response.

The AMC 830 uses dual 5.25 -inch mid/bass drivers in a 2 -way D'Appolito design, whereas the AMC 870 uses two 6.25 -inch mid/bass drivers in the same configuration. The D'Appolito array reduces lobing and provides remarkable imaging and coherence, perfect for high end -home theaters. On both models a two -position treble switch matches room acoustics and program requirements.. The AMC 870 is capable of tremendous output, and realistic soundstaging. They are the perfect speaker for any high performance music or video system, proving that in -wall units can deliver sound quality without compromise.

To achieve the performance capabilities of a freestanding monitor, the flushmount design used on all four in -wall models overcomes three major factors that in the past limited in -wall speaker performance. First, to insure predictable response, regardless of placement or wall type, the speakers are placed inside a sealed, aluminum enclosure, which defines bass response, just like a conventional loudspeaker's enclosure, and reduces sound transfer to other rooms.

Second, specific materials are used to control resonance. The drivers are mounted to a specially damped MDF baffle, constructed in three layers to enhance bass/midrange clarity and deaden wall resonance. The baffle is then secured to the well -damped, heavy gauge aluminum enclosure.

Third, since flush mount speakers can not "toe -in" to reproduce a proper soundstage, the "Directed Power" tweeter steers upper frequencies toward the listening area, in 45 -degree increments, assuring spacial realism and proper stereo imaging commonly associated with high -performance monitors.

For enhanced performance a new crossover was designed to "tune" these new in -wall models to the in -wall boundary, and uniquely extend bass in a small volume cabinet. All in -wall models are very easy to mount in any conventional stud wall with the swivel action "dog leg" clamps.

In -Cabinets
The ICS 1070 is an in -cabinet version of the D7 Tower using the same drivers, including the "Directed Power" tweeter, and array as the AMC 870. The ICS 1070's innovative design meets the performance demands of a freestanding speaker when installed inside an entertainment center.

Conventional bookshelf loudspeakers sound "chesty" and image poorly when used in cabinet applications so the ICS 1070 was optimized for the boundaries and conditions found when installing speakers into cabinets. To solve this problem, the ICS 1070 uses a special utility enclosure that houses dual 6.5 -inch woofers, and a 1 -inch silk dome tweeter that will fit easily into most cabinets. Additionally, the ICS 1070 includes multi -position boundary switches that compensate for cabinet boundaries and off axis response, as well as for the more complex case of near floor (under a screen) mounting. Another switch precisely compensates for perforated screen use.

The result is an effortless and "airy" soundstage, ideal for music and movies. This high output loudspeaker provides concert hall realism on demand, producing over 110dB of continuous output

All Custom Series in -walls and in -cabinet loudspeakers are provided with dual, gold -plated, solid metal binding posts. The ICS 1070 is bi -amp and bi -wire ready, and Is magnetically shielded, for use in proximity to video monitor. The AMC models come with a paintable perforated metal grille, while the ICS 1070 comes in a durable black textured paint finish cabinet. Like all Snell speakers, the new Custom Series models are build by hand in the Peabody, MA factory and tuned to .5dB of the reference master.

The new Snell Custom Series models can be seen with all of their products in Booth #737. The new Custom Series models will be priced as follows:

AMC 730 $ 600/ea Nov '05?
AMC 770 $ 750/ea Nov '05
AMC 830 $1,000/ea Dec '05
AMC 870 $1,375/ea Jan '06
ICS 1070 $1,250/ea Jan '06

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