Crestron's iLux CLS -C6 Integrates Zoned Lighting, Shade and Drape Control

iLux™ CLS-C6 Integrated Zoned Lighting System controls six lighting zones and 6 groups of shades, and is perfect for new and retrofit applications such as whole house, home theater and MDU.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, September 8, 2005 - Crestron introduces its iLux™ CLS -C6 Integrated Zoned Lighting System at CEDIA booth #170. iLux CLS -C6 controls six lighting zones and 6 groups of shades, and is perfect for new and retrofit applications such as whole house, home theater and MDU. iLux CLS -C6 replaces the litany of switches and dimmers on the wall, and centralizes the lighting, shade and screen controls. Clients no longer need to search for the right switch plate or fumble through trial and error to find the right combination of light settings. The iLux CLS -C6 enables user -preset lighting scenes, and offers the added benefit of seamless integration with Crestron's award -winning AV control solutions.

The iLux CLS -C6 is a cost -effective, wall -mount unit featuring built -in dimmer circuits to control six lighting zones. The six front -panel 3 -position rocker buttons control each zone and provide white -LED feedback. Corresponding 7 -segment LED bargraphs offer easy visualization of lighting levels in each zone. A front -panel "Master" button and large "Off" and "On" buttons provide additional lighting system control. Up to 15 scenes for lighting and shades may be pre -programmed for simple, intuitive client use. Fade time and ramp rate are programmable along with various system functions such as scene recall, scene off and master dim control. Each scene may be assigned to individual buttons at setup.

Beyond the extensive yet simple front panel control, the iLux CLS -C6 accommodates up to 16 Crestron keypads and 16 shade controllers for expanded system control capability. An optional built -in motion detector and up to two external motion detectors are available for occupancy sensing to automatically turn lights on or off, or activate a programmed scene. Additionally, up to 7 iLux CLS -C6 units may be daisy -chained for extended device control.

System programming is easy from either the front panel using the mode select and setup buttons, or from a PC via the programming port using the supplied intuitive setup software. All programming buttons, ports and LEDs are elegantly hidden behind an opaque flip -up panel. A built -in astronomical clock ensures reliable system synchronization and timed functionality. Available in black, white or almond the iLux CLS -C6 is a cost -effective, versatile and powerful lighting control solution.

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Jeff Singer
Crestron Electronics, Inc.

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