TRUAUDIO Now Offers Complete Family of the REVOLVE In¬Ceiling Line of Speakers

Using an all-new design and the latest technology, combined with ease of installation and attractive cosmetics, the Revolve LCR.1, Revolve LCR.2 and Revolve SUR.1 are now shipping.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - August 1, 2005 - TRUAUDIO introduced today two new members of the REVOLVE family of speakers and an improved version of a current model, which all provide innovative solutions for InCeiling Home Cinema. Using an all -new design and the latest technology, combined with ease of installation and attractive cosmetics, the Revolve LCR.1, Revolve LCR.2 and Revolve SUR.1 are now shipping.

The Revolve LCR.1 (redesigned and improved), is designed to perform as the front left, center, or right. The REVOLVE speaker is intended to be rotated to point toward the listener. Its midrange and tweeter rest on a rotating, proprietary bridge to give you even more control over the direction of the sound. Its technology represents over a year's worth of research and development to design an in -ceiling LCR configured on the same plane whose sonic images fire directly toward the Audience. Because of REVOLVE's forward thinking design, you will accomplish a great home theater solution without using any wall space. TruAudio's REVOLVE is built to deliver the exceptional sound quality expected in home theater. The lower end frequencies are reproduced using an 8" aluminum woofer mounted on a 15 degree angle to better project the bass and fill the room. The midrange is reproduced using dual 2" aluminum drivers with its high end coming from a 1" titanium tweeter. The tweeter pivots independently as well.

The Revolve LCR.2 is designed to be used just like the LCR.1, but positioned at a lower price point. In situation where the budget is tighter, it will allow dealers to offer their clients an InCeiling solution, without compromising superb sound. The two way design still incorporates an 8" angled woofer and 1" Titanium tweeter and also allows the tweeter bridge to be directed towards the listening area. The tweeter pivots independently as well.

The Revolve SUR.1 is an InCeiling Bi -Pole speaker for the effects channels in a surround system. Typically effects speakers are available only On -Wall, In -Wall or In -Room. The innovative tweeter bridge uses dual pivoting tweeters that allow the user even more flexibility in placement.

Extra strength baffles, level controls, dog ear mounting and the Patented TruAudio magnetic EZ Grill™ are just a few more of the features offered. As with most of our products, TruAudio has put a lifetime warranty on Revolve.


TRU believers in architectural speaker innovation, TruAudio designs and manufactures a full line of premium -quality custom audio products. Our engineers go to great lengths to make sure our in -wall, in -ceiling and outdoor loudspeakers blend into any background, yet deliver unforgettable performances. We sell our audio products only through a limited number of Certified TruAudio Dealers across the country. Each dealer meets our high standards for premiere customer service and flawless installation. TruAudio absolutely backs up every set of TruAudio speakers with a Lifetime Warranty.

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