Graphite Five introduces Digital Distributed Audio System

Loveland, CO - August 18, 2005 - Graphite Five has begun shipping its revolutionary Digital Distributed Audio System.

Delivering premier quality sound with flexibility and scalability that far exceeds its affordable price -point, Graphite Five makes it easier for homeowners to enjoy high -performance music anywhere throughout the home.

At the heart of the system is the intuitive LCD touchscreen interface with a built -in sensor to adjust backlight to ambient light levels. Designed with remarkable simplicity in mind, all family members can easily select and operate almost any CE playback devices from cassette decks to CD players through the attractive GUI. All major playback and source selection functions are available at the touch of a finger or via an IR remote control.

Each zone features one Touchscreen Amplifier with a high -quality 70 -watt digital amplifier (35 -watts per channel), and each source requires one advanced Audio Encoder. Eliminating the need for complicated wiring, bewildering remotes, and portable players, Graphite Five audio encoders convert digital and analog sources to an IP based Ethernet compatible format to deliver crisp, clear sound from a centralized location.

Elegant in design and function, Graphite Five's system components blend seamlessly with every room. Designed to reduce the clutter of traditional analog systems, the discreet touchscreen is contemporary and stylish, a perfect complement to any distinctive home. The touchscreen's front and back bezel frames and side pieces can be easily removed for painting to perfectly match room decor. An optional desk stand mount is also available.

Easy to use and a snap to install, Graphite Five's individual zone configuration was designed to complement all room configurations and budgets. Whether installed prominently on the wall, or discreetly positioned behind the door, Graphite Five units can be added and installed on existing audio, CAT5, and A -Bus® wiring. A key goal was to ensure that integrators did not have to be computer experts, so the system offers plug -and -play convenience anywhere with network jack access and a speaker set -up. To enhance flexibility the touchscreen can be electronically inverted to permit a touchscreen amplifier to flip for right or left mounting by door frames with closely installed single gang j -boxes.

Graphite Five Distributed Digital Audio System is composed of five basic components: a Consumer Electronics (CE) device, an audio encoder (GAE1 -1), an Ethernet switch, a touchscreen amplifier (GTA1 -70), and a set of speakers.

To locate a dealer near you, please contact Graphite Five, 255 East Sixth Street, Loveland, CO 80537. Call (P) 970.292.2900 or visit

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