Call for Participation Opens for the 2006 O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference

Topics will be loosely gathered around the cutting-edge techniques and technologies highly prolific geeks employ and invent to help focus (and filter) the immense amount of data now pouring into everyday life.

Sebastopol, CA - -ETech - -the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference - -has just issued the call for participation for the 2006 edition of the annual event. Technologists, CTOs, chief scientists, researchers, programmers, hackers, business developers, entrepreneurs, and other interested parties are invited to ETech to lead conference sessions and tutorials. Topics will be loosely gathered around the cutting -edge techniques and technologies highly prolific geeks employ and invent to help focus (and filter) the immense amount of data now pouring into everyday life. The

2006 O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference will happen March 6 -9 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California. Proposals are due no later than September 19, 2005.

"Since we first conceived ETech five years ago, the stuff of which it is made shows no sign of abating: bandwidth continues to broaden, cycles are going spare, storage grows ever larger and cheaper, and content keeps pouring from the fire hose," commented conference chair Rael Dornfest on the motivation behind the 2006 conference concept. "No longer constrained by any virtual limits, we're feeling the effects of this flood of digital assets."

It's no longer about generating digital data - -we have more than enough already. The challenge is now: How do we visualize the data, filter it, remix it, and access it in ways meaningful to us? The opportunity created by the massive data web is one of social good, personal benefit, and business advantage. Some of the specific topics on the radar for the next ETech are:

- Aggregation, Attention, and Attenuation

What tools and techniques have alpha geeks and research labs produced and remix ecosystem encourages design for the people who will use it. In many subtle and not -so -subtle ways we're seeing user experience and design returning to software. How does one escape the standard database -view -as -application of the 90s? What developments in UI and HCI design promise to empower users rather than confuse and overwhelm them?

- You Can Take It With You

With a global population always on the move, how do we marry the of end -to -end applications to the power of disconnected operation? What techniques let us successfully take disconnected web applications and then resynchronize when we are next connected?

- Data as Platform

With Google joining the ranks of water, power, and gas as an assumed utility (at least in the popular mindset), are there more data sources and services in our midst that are all but assumed to be there? How can data visualization use our cognitive preattention to assimilate data quickly, rather than just paging through a database view? Will remixing always be a hack, or are there ways to offer stable commercial services around remixed applications?

- Business

What will the new business models look like? Will we simply fall back into our old 90s habits? Or, perhaps worse, shy away from taking the risks needed for truly innovative ideas to have a chance?

- Radar Traces

What's keeping the alpha geeks up at night, noodling, writing code, and pushing the edge? What are they building in their garage that will change the world, surprise and delight us, or simply shake us out of our assumptions?

The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference features a range of technologies that are growing just below the horizon of commercial viability, and place a spotlight on projects, people, and business models likely to become very important to the future of internet computing. From peer -to -peer networks, person -to -person mobile messaging, web services, and weblogs to big screen digital media, small screen mobile gaming, hardware hacking, and content remixing, ETech pries open the important new technologies destined show up in the products and services we're all taking for granted in the not -too -distant future.

O'Reilly conferences include: OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention; the O'Reilly European Open Source Convention (EuroOSCON); the MySQL Users Conference, co -presented with MySQL AB; Where 2.0 Conference; and Web 2.0 (co -hosted by Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle, and co -produced with MediaLive International). O'Reilly conferences bring together forward -thinking business and technology leaders, shaping ideas and influencing industries around the globe. For over 25 years, O'Reilly has facilitated the adoption of new and important technologies by the enterprise, putting emerging technologies on the map.

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