It's Not How Many Gigs Your iPod has, It's How Many Square Feet

New control interface takes advantage of iPod song information and a color display

RIVERSIDE, CA: July 2005 SpeakerCraft, America's original manufacturer of in -wall speakers, announces Music on Demand Experience, the new generation's MODE, dramatically enhancing the capabilities of their award -winning multi -zone control system.

Hot on the heels of Apple's announcement of over six million iPods shipped in the last quarter, SpeakerCraft is touting the first multi -zone system to offer the display of actual iPod song information in every room in the house on a high resolution color display. This includes information such as song titles, artists, albums and music genres as well as user defined playlist.

The simplicity of operation has been one of the greatest advantages of the iPod and a driving force in its success. Access to song information makes navigating the system totally intuitive. Until now that meant the necessity of having the iPod in your hand. With the new MODE, connected to an MZC multi -zone control system, one iPod becomes one of many sources throughout the home with the same feedback available from the iPod itself.

MODE will support up to 6 iPods. Each of the six can be individually accessed as a separate source from any MODE throughout the house.

Mounted in a double gang wall -plate, the MODE features a scroll wheel and push button that will allow users to scroll through iPod music information on the color display. Accessing a particular song, album or artist will be as simple as scroll and click. Users familiar with iPod navigation will feel right at home with the process and be able to enjoy their music with the same ease they do in an airport or walking through the park.

MODE also has a variety of additional control buttons and will control and display information from hard drive music servers, XM and AM/FM radio tuners as well as controlling all other sources that respond to infra -red commands. Its sleek control surface is elegant and attractive and will integrate easily into any home décor.

≥Having lived with an iPod since its introduction I have always been thrilled with the ease of use and complete access to my music.≤ exclaimed Jeremy Burkhardt, President of SpeakerCraft. ≥It has become my music server of choice. I know others feel the same way and this technology allows them to enjoy the same experience throughout their home.≤

The iPod itself will reside in a proprietary dock which can be placed anywhere in the home and connected via a standard CAT 5 cable to the main system. This allows the end user to place the iPod on a nightstand, on a dedicated charging shelf with cell phones and digital cameras or next to the computer, making it available for music downloads.

SpeakerCraft, established in 1976, devoted itself for more than a decade to the design and development of architectural loudspeakers and became known as the prime OEM for many well -known, in -wall speaker brands in the field. In marketing its own brand, now one of the widest lines of architectural speakers in the industry, SpeakerCraft brings with it years of experience and a dedication to dealer satisfaction.

For further information about SpeakerCraft and its products, contact Leslie Stevens of Eclipse Marketing at Phone: (949) 363 -5340. You may visit SpeakerCraft on their website at Or contact SpeakerCraft, Inc., at 940 Columbia, Riverside, CA 92507. Phone: 800 -448 -0976, Fax 909 -787 -8747.

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