Axeze Announces Distributed Access Control

Axeze distributed R485 access control systems seamlessly integrates 62 access points into 32 networks offering an easily expandable and economical system. The unique design ensures the ability to integrate with any product on the market today.

Axeze Announces Distributed Access Control

Do your clients want to carry one tag for all sites? Are they wanting greater security. Wanting to know that their card will open their doors only and not other doors. Axeze, an Australian company, has developed a network access control system, which is a fully distributed non -centralised access control system that even allows users to control access to their sites.

The Axeze proprietary system allows one tag to access to hundreds of sites anywhere in the world whilst Axeze Weigand systems operate with most Weigand readers.

Without a doubt the Axeze Network System is one of the most flexible; scalable, cost -effective access control system on the market today. Regardless of the size of the project, its modular design and distributed processing power ensure that clients are only paying for what they need.

The Axeze system has been designed so that every access point, interface or I/O board is a single module that connects directly to a RS485 network. No need to purchase master controllers, expansion boards or 4 door controllers.

Each module has all the processing power and information needed for its intended task without having to rely on resources of other modules on a network. No matter how big the system is or how busy the site, the response times remain constant with all access requests handled at the access point rather than placing reliance on small number devices creating a bottleneck and slowing down response times. This process prevents breakdown in communication or hardware failure, which could cripple an entire system.

Distributed intelligence means that if the network did breakdown, each controller is able to continue controlling it's access point, validating cards (tags) and maintaining it's own log of events which can be up -loaded to the monitoring software once the system is back on line.

This single controller approach ensures Axeze customers can see a per access point cost not visible with other systems. The price of any additional access point with the Axeze system is just the cost of the single door controller, no hidden costs and never an expansion board. This makes quoting easy and allows the customer to see a linear relationship between number of access points and cost of the system.

Axeze IO boards allow clients to take control of the Lights, Air conditioners, Garden Sprinklers, Fountains, Alarms, CCTV cameras or any other utilities making the most use of other systems installed at the site whilst saving energy. By taking full advantage of the basic automation features of the Axeze system, installers can use "trigger actions" based on system events such as door forced, door left open, authorised access request, first person in, last person out. The Axeze system will respond to and process external inputs such as intercom door release, break glass sensor, or react according to the day and time

You can integrate Axeze access control events to provide a higher level of automation or into existing automation systems using one of Axeze many high level interfaces. Axeze provides high level interfaces to 3rd party systems including alarms, automation and paging systems used to notify other systems of access control events helping you to make the most use of all systems installed at your site.

Additionally the unique design enables easy integration into other systems like Cash Registers, Point of sales systems and the like This means that one tag provides the solution to a variety of situations in any given site.

Whatever the situation, Axeze has the solution. If you want to know more about Axeze please contact us on +61 -83408200 or

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