OSGi Alliance Announces Fourth Annual World Congress

The Fourth Annual OSGi Alliance Developer Forum & World Congress (www.osgicongress.com) will take place October 11th through 14th in Paris, France.

San Ramon, California, USA - June 27, 2005 - The Fourth Annual OSGi Alliance Developer Forum & World Congress (www.osgicongress.com) will take place October 11th through 14th in Paris, France. This global assembly of technology executives and developers promises to deliver insights to the latest trends in the OSGi technology and its novel applications.

The event will include a new two -day Developer Forum enabling software developers, engineers and systems architects and technologists to assemble and receive first -hand updates on the latest OSGi specification release. The Forum was added in response to increasing attendance and interest from developers over the past three years. Other features include a technology pavilion and a two -day Business Congress.

"The 2005 OSGi Alliance World Congress in Paris will offer a first public look at the mobile platform features coming in the next release of the OSGi Service Platform," said Dr. John Barr, President of the OSGi Alliance and Director, Standards Realization at Motorola, Inc. "Attendees will also experience how the OSGi service platform is currently applied by developers, manufacturers, and operators."

The OSGi Alliance is an industry consortium that has developed and published a service platform specification enabling the delivery and management of applications and services to networked devices in mobile, vehicle, home, and other environments.

The OSGi Alliance World Congress is recognized as the leading resource for developers, project managers, business development professionals and researchers working to build and improve applications for networked devices.

Complete congress information can be found at www.osgicongress.com .

For more information on the OSGi Alliance, visit www.osgi.org .

Sponsorship Opportunities
Information on sponsorships and exhibition opportunities is available by contacting Gary Hill at gary.hill@informausa.com or 508 -614 -1239.

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