New Quest loudspeakers for fall 2005

Erikson Consumer, the consumer electronics division of Jam Industries located in Baie D'Urfé, Quebec, is proud to announce the launch of the new loudspeakers from Quest.

Date: July 26, 2005

Press Release: New Quest Loudspeakers

Erikson Consumer, the consumer electronics division of Jam Industries located in Baie D'Urfé, Quebec, is proud to announce the launch of the new loudspeakers from Quest.

The new Quest models consist of 2 tower models, 2 bookshelf models, one powered subwoofer, one center channel, one pair of outdoor speakers, and one 6 piece home theater system.

Traditional Loudspeakers

"As successful as the last series was for both us and our partners, there's always room for improvement," says Jason Zidle, Marketing Manager. "We listened carefully to the feedback from end users, salespeople, and key accounts as our starting point for the new models. Then, we examined the market for the latest trends and designed the blueprint for this, our most acoustically and aesthetically impressive Quest products ever."

Acoustic Goals:

"Our acoustic goals were to improve efficiency to make our speakers function at their peak regardless of what kind of amplification was being used, widen their dispersion so placement doesn't affect performance, and develop an even deeper bass response," says Zidle.

The acoustic goals were accomplished by implementing new drivers, a radical, attractive port, and cabinet bracing techniques. New Natural Hybrid low frequency drivers are more rigid yet even lighter than the predecessor. These drivers can maintain their shape at even the most punishing volume levels for better bass response and their low mass means the entire motor assembly efficient generates less heat, allowing higher volume levels without added distortion.

The 1" soft dome Clarity tweeter has been fitted into a faceplate designed specifically to spread high frequencies horizontally throughout the listening area and guarantee great sound from anywhere in the room.

The large, oval ports allow for more air to be moved through the cabinet and the design minimizes air turbulence, for more tuned bass output.

Aesthetic Goals

"Audio has been following the lead of the video industry for design cues and we found that a two tone black cabinet and silver baffle color combination would be a perfect compliment to almost every video display available, be it traditional or a flat panel screen," says Zidle.

A detail line that runs the vertical length of the cabinet is not only an attractive highlight but serves as a slimming effect. "They're attractive enough to stand out in a room of speakers, like on the sales floor, but stylish enough to easily integrate into the home."

The new Quest loudspeakers are now shipping.

Quest QF603NX

Tower Loudspeakers
QF603NX: 2.5 way triple 6.5" tower loudspeaker, $399.95/pr
QF601NX: 2 way double 6.5" tower loudspeaker, $299.95/pr

Bookshelf Loudspeakers
QB6NX: 2 way 6.5" bookshelf loudspeaker, $199.95/pr
QB5NX: 2 way 5.25" bookshelf loudspeaker, $129.95/pr

Center Channel
Quest QC500NX: 2 way dual 5.25" center channel loudspeaker, $99.95/ea

Quest QS1000NX: 10", 150 watt subwoofer, $299.95/ea

Home Theater System

"The tremendous success of the Quest QMoviesIII and the demand for a similar floor standing system prompted the development of the QTheatreII," says Zidle. "The QMoviesIII was designed for mid powered receivers and tabletop displays ranging from 14 -35 inches so we developed the QTheatreII with the size and power handling required for larger screens and more powerful home theater receivers."

"The beautiful two tone metallic silver/charcoal gray combination and elegant glass base make this system the perfect audio compliment to contemporary décor and flat screen displays," adds Zidle.

Complete 6 piece home theater system consisting of two quadruple 2.75" floor standing main channels, two dual 2.75" floor standing surround channels, one quadruple 2.75" center channel, and one side firing 10", 120 watt subwoofer: $399.95/system.

Available by mid August

Outdoor speakers

Our all weather models have traditionally been black but that tends to make them more noticeable, which isn't the goal of an outdoor speaker. The new Q42AWII features a rugged white enclosure to blend better into its surroundings and an improved bracket for more versatile mounting options.

Q42AWII: 2 way dual 4" all -weather loudspeaker, $69.95/pr
Currently shipping

For more information, contact:

Erikson Consumer
21000 TransCanada Highway
Baie D'Urfe, QC
H9X 4B7
Phone: 514 -457 -2555
Fax: 514 -457 -0055

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