Tripp Lite Introduces New Audio/Video Power Protection at the CEDIA Show

Tripp Lite is currently expanding its presence in the audio/video power protection market with the introduction of several new product lines at the CEDIA Show.

Chicago, IL (July 26, 2005) -Tripp Lite, a world -leading manufacturer of power protection equipment, is currently expanding its presence in the audio/video power protection market with the introduction of several new product lines at the CEDIA Show. Tripp Lite's new Audio/Video Power Protection offering is comprised of six UPS Systems (including true on -line models for the highest level of protection) and two Power Conditioning Centers (including one designed for flat -panel TVs and front -screen projectors).

"Tripp Lite's Audio/Video UPS Systems and Power Conditioning Centers, by stopping power problems before they cause damage and performance distortion, are behind the crystal -clear picture and full sound that audio/video enthusiasts demand every time they reach for the remote," said Dennis Mariasis, Tripp Lite's Audio/Video Business Development Brand Manager. "And Tripp Lite products stand behind installers' and dealers' reputations for reliability, reducing service calls to correct hard -to -diagnose power problems."

Tripp Lite Audio/Video UPS Systems feature reliable battery backup (expandable with on -line models) to keep automation systems, PVRs/DVRs and front -/rear -projection TV cooling fans running continuously through blackouts. All models feature quality surge protection and EMI/RFI line noise filtering (backed by $100,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage) and IP -addressable capability (except HT1000UPS).

Three new on -line UPS Systems (HTR22 -2U, HTR15 -2U and HTR10 -2U) provide the highest level of protection available. True on -line dual -conversion operation with zero transfer time to battery completely isolates connected components from power problems. Pure sine wave output delivers the highest quality power to help components perform at their peak. All models feature expandable runtime capability and cabinets that are adaptable for both rackmount (2U) or tower applications. Capacities range from 1000VA/800W to 2200VA/1600W.

Tripp Lite's three new line -interactive UPS Systems (HTR07 -1U, HTR05 -1U and HT1000UPS) provide premium protection with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) for audio/video components. All models feature cabinets that are adaptable for both rackmount (1U or 2U) or tower applications. Capacities range from 500VA/300W to 1000VA/500W. The HT1000UPS features an LCD display (that shows input voltage and operating conditions in real time), 1 -line tel/modem surge protection (for phone or PVR connections) and 2 -line HD -compatible coax protection (for satellite or antenna connections).

In addition to six new UPS Systems, Tripp Lite's Audio/Video Power Protection offering includes two Power Conditioning Centers: a rackmount/console model (HT3100PC) and a model designed to protect flat -panel TVs and front -screen projectors (HT500PC). Tripp Lite's new Power Conditioning Centers feature exclusive Isobar® technology. Compared to other power conditioning centers, Isobar models feature a substantially larger and more robust surge blocking architecture in a metal case for the most effective protection available. Isobar is the world's best -selling premium power conditioning center and surge suppressor brand with over 15 million in use. Tripp Lite's new Power Conditioning Centers feature the highest surge absorption ratings (up to 5700 joules) in their class. Premium surge protection is backed by $100,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage.

The HT500PC Power Conditioning Center features a low -profile housing designed to hide behind any flat -panel TV (LCD, plasma or HDTV). The HT500PC also features a 3200 joule surge absorption rating, 2 outlets, a 10 ft. shielded cord, remote control capability and 3 diagnostic LEDs.

The HT3100PC Power Conditioning Center features a housing adaptable to both rackmount (1U) and console applications. Exclusive Isolated Filter Banks eliminate interference between connected components. The HT3100PC also features a 5700 joule surge absorption rating, 8 outlets, a 10 ft. cord and 16 LEDs (including meters designed to display current usage and input voltage). 1 -line tel/modem surge protection (with built -in splitter) safeguards components on phone or PVR connections, and 3 -line HD -compatible coax protection safeguards satellite, cable or antenna connections. The HT3100PC is also designed to be used as a convenient source of multiple outlets when connected to Tripp Lite Audio/Video UPS Systems.

"Tripp Lite's new Audio/Video UPS Systems and Power Conditioning Centers will be available exclusively for audio/video professionals," said Mr. Mariasis. "While many competitors sell through broad retail and Internet channels, Tripp Lite's new Audio/Video Power Protection line follows a unique approach that benefits not only professional dealers and installers but end -users as well. Tripp Lite's limited distribution not only protects dealer and installer profitability but also protects the quality of end -user installations by preserving the vital link to professional service only dealers and installers can provide."

Audio/video professionals can gain hands -on experience with Tripp Lite's new Audio/Video UPS Systems and Power Conditioning Centers at the CEDIA Show by registering for Tripp Lite trainings (contact Tripp Lite at 773 -869 -1234) or by visiting Tripp Lite at Booth # 1665.

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Enhanced service and innovative products have been Tripp Lite trademarks for more than 80 years. Tripp Lite's innovations include the world's first UPS system designed specifically for personal computers, and the world's most trusted premium surge suppressor -the Isobar® -with more than 15 million in use. Tripp Lite maintains the highest level of ready -to -ship inventory in the industry with more than 1,000 different products, including UPS systems, surge suppressors, line conditioners, power inverters, cables, connectivity products and network management accessories. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Tripp Lite maintains a global presence with fully staffed offices worldwide. Additional information, including a list of Tripp Lite's sales offices and authorized reseller partners, can be found by visiting Tripp Lite's Web site:

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