Crestron's CLW-DIM1RF Wall Box Dimmer Lights Up infiNET Wireless Mesh Network

ROCKLEIGH, NJ, June 8, 2005 - The CLW -DIM1RF is the first wall mount lighting dimmer operating on Crestron's exclusive infinNET™ wireless mesh network, eliminating the need for physical control wiring. Instead of opening walls and pulling cable for retrofit installations, infiNET enables wireless control of various subsystems such as lighting and HVAC. Improving on traditional radio frequency wireless communication, Crestron's infiNET Mesh Network technology utilizes an embedded 2.4 GHz RF wireless network, providing more stable, reliable wireless communications over larger areas. The CLW -DIM1RF is a versatile intuitive, single rocker -button dimmer.

The CLW -DIM1RF is a simple dimmer featuring a single rocker -button, a slide switch and LED indicator. The slide switch selects between three functional modes: PRESET, ADJUST and OFF. PRESET is the normal operating mode providing access to three user -presets by tapping the button and manual dimming control by pressing and holding the button. Lighting levels fade naturally between presets or ramp up and down. ADJUST mode is used to store presets and the OFF mode disables the dimmer, disconnecting power to facilitate changing light bulbs. The LED indicator provides status confirmation during operation and setup, and its soft glow when idle acts as a beacon making it easy to locate in the dark.

Control wiring is not required and the CLW -DIM1RF fits into standard single -gang J boxes, making installation incredibly easy. Setting up a complete Crestron infiNET system or adding devices onto the network is simple; each dimmer or other RF device is automatically detected and located using dynamic discovery to self -install. Devices are programmed and firmware updates are performed wirelessly over the network using SIMPL™ Windows®, System Builder™ or D3Pro ™ software. Just one gateway is required and all dimmers assigned to that gateway act as repeaters, extending and reinforcing the network as devices are added.

While functional as a standalone dimmer, the CLW -DIM1RF delivers greatly enhanced automation and control capabilities when integrated with a Crestron control system. When linked to a 2 -Series control system, the functions of the CLW -DIM1RF can be controlled from touchpanels, keypads, wireless remotes and computers, providing seamless integration with other subsystems and devices.

Crestron's infiNET mesh network is a stable, reliable wireless solution that can cover large areas. CLW -DIM1RF infiNET dimmers make applications such as retrofits, landmarks and concrete structural buildings in which pulling cables are difficult more practical and economical.

For more information regarding CLW -DIM1RF dimmers or Crestron's infiNET mesh network visit or call 1 -800 -237 -2041. For high -resolution photos go to http//

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