Atlantic Technology Expands Flat Panel Speaker Line with FS -4000

Three Speaker Channels in One Cabinet

Norwood, Mass. (7/13/05) - - - Atlantic Technology has announced the introduction of the FS -4000 flat screen speaker system, which combines three separate speakers into a single low profile housing for use with modern flat panel displays. Using the same drivers and technology developed for the company's FS -3200 LR and Center channel speakers, this system provides the performance of a complete front soundstage in a single cabinet that features numerous innovative options for mounting on -wall, or on a rocker base above or below the display.

"The FS -4000 allows consumers to have the three -speaker front soundstage that great home theater demands, without the mess, clutter, and setup concerns that come from having three individual cabinets," comments Atlantic Technology President Peter Tribeman.

The FS -4000 housing is a mere 5 -inches deep, and is separated internally into three individual chambers, each with a 1 -inch soft dome tweeter, 4 -1/2 -inch woofer, and a 4 -1/2 -inch Bass Pressure Driver. Each section of the housing is a complete speaker unto itself, with separate speaker terminals, and a pair of rear panel controls developed for the company's high -end C.O.R.E. technology speaker systems. These allow the speakers to be sonically tailored for a wide variety of room acoustics, listener preferences, and mounting configurations.

The cabinet of the Atlantic Technology FS -4000 is composed of acoustically inert, heavily braced MDF, and the speakers are magnetically shielded so they may be placed close to any type of video monitor without degrading video performance.
Consistent with Atlantic's renowned attention to detail, each tweeter is raised above the woofer centerline to minimize the off -axis response nonlinearities that plague most conventional horizontally -oriented speakers.

The FS -4000's bass response extends to 75 Hz, providing full -bodied musical sound even when used without a subwoofer. The speaker can also be combined with any of Atlantic's highly regarded subwoofers and surround speakers to create a stunning and immersive home theater system.

The FS -4000 can be mounted directly to the wall with keyhole mounts, and also includes a choice of either a straight bracket for mounting perpendicular to the wall, or angle bracket that aims the speaker slightly up (when mounted below the display), or down (when mounted above the display). In addition, it also comes with a stud bracket that anchors the speaker securely to wall studs for a rock -solid installation. Lastly, it also includes Atlantic Technology's exclusive rocker base, which allows the speaker to be mounted on a shelf or on the video display itself, and tilted toward the listening area at any angle desired.

The FS -4000 loudspeaker system is available in Metallic Silver or Gloss Black finishes, with a matching perforated metal grille. The grille is held in place with neodymium magnets, the same arrangement as found on Atlantic's $20,000 flagship System 8200.

The Atlantic Technology Model FS -4000 is now available at a suggested retail price of $999 each.

From its inception in 1989, Atlantic Technology's mission has been to produce home entertainment products that exemplify the very best in both performance and value. The company specializes in complete high -performance multi -channel speaker systems, state -of -the -art home theater electronics components, and products for custom audio/video installation. For more information on Atlantic Technology and its many fine products for home theater and custom audio/video installation, visit or call 781 -762 -6300.

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