New LiteTouch Website makes explaining the Benefits of Lighting Control easy as 1, 2, 3

LiteTouch predicts that the lighting control industry will benefit greatly from an effective on-line experience focusing on the real-life benefits of lighting control.

June 27, 2005

LiteTouch News Release: For Immediate Release

New LiteTouch Website makes explaining the Benefits of Lighting Control easy as 1, 2, 3.

You know the message - Automation is for the here and now, no longer for the future. This message is all too common and is usually followed by a dissertation on some 'new' technology that will take the residential automation market by storm. Trouble is - how do you sell it?

LiteTouch, the leading lighting control manufacturer for 25 years headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, has gone beyond this technology -focused message with the release of its new education -oriented website geared toward helping everyone from dealers to electricians to builders explain the real -life benefits of LiteTouch lighting control to potential buyers.

LiteTouch Manager of Corporate Marketing and Communications, Angie Larson predicts that moving beyond the concept of promoting lighting as a technical achievement is vital and will be the driving force behind increased demand for lighting control in residential and commercial spaces.

"It's hard to explain the real benefits of lighting control to consumers using language that is geared toward the technical aspects of the industry," said Larson. "The LiteTouch website is a step beyond your typical product demonstration and personally connects to consumers regardless of their previous exposure to the lighting control industry."

The LiteTouch website,, caters to consumer benefits by focusing on the convenience, safety and aesthetics of owning a LiteTouch lighting control system. Specifically, Experience Lighting Control is an interactive online tour providing potential clients with an opportunity to connect with a powerful lighting control experience. Experience Lighting Control provides real -world lighting control benefits that are led by innovative system features by highlighting the top 18 benefits associated with owning a LiteTouch system.

LiteTouch supports consumers and its worldwide sales channel by also providing easy -to -utilize technical information. This dependable, easy -to -find installation and programming information makes it easier than ever to support the reliable and flexible LiteTouch lighting control systems.

LiteTouch also makes media professional's jobs easier by providing the LiteTouch media kit online. This media kit includes the most updated press releases and related graphics. For more information about LiteTouch Media kits or specific editorial information contact Angela Johnson.


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