Offering a serious, precision engineered alternative to mass-market surround-sound systems, the Linn Komponent system delivers authentic Linn values in a simple and stylish package.

The new Komponent loudspeaker system from Linn creates a new benchmark in affordable, high -performance loudspeaker design. Offering a serious, precision engineered alternative to mass -market surround -sound systems, the Linn Komponent system delivers authentic Linn values in a simple and stylish package.

Yet whilst the Komponent system may look great, only by listening can you truly appreciate what sets Komponent apart from the crowd. The result of many months of careful listening, tuning and testing by some of the world's leading acoustic engineers is a loudspeaker system capable of delivering a truly captivating music and movie performance.

The Komponent loudspeaker system comprises 4 distinct acoustically -matched models:

KOMPONENT 110 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

KOMPONENT 104 Compact Loudspeaker

KOMPONENT 106 Left/Centre/Right Loudspeaker

KOMPONENT 120 Active Bass -Reinforcement Loudspeaker

The Komponent 110, 104 and 106 models are the first loudspeakers to benefit from Linn's new 2K array technology. This technology sees the high -frequency drive -units housed in a dedicated alloy chassis, isolated from the rest of the loudspeaker, to create a wonderfully clean and pure high -frequency reproduction.

System performance can be further upgraded by using these speakers in a multi -amplifier configuration or in AKTIV configuration where a single amplifier channel is dedicated to each drive -unit through an active crossover. With each drive -unit controlled directly by its own power amplifier, no power or musical information is lost and performance is maximised.

The Komponent 120 Active Bass -Reinforcement loudspeaker is a radical departure from traditional designs and offers a great deal of flexibility when positioning it within your room. At only 20cm tall it can be discretely positioned under furniture, or even wall or ceiling mounted using the supplied bracket, without compromising the delivery of tight, controlled bass performance.

Komponent is designed for modern living. All models are built using a unique aluminium extrusion which features advanced damping materials.

This construction also means Komponent speakers are relatively shallow and can be easily wall -mounted using the supplied brackets if desired.

A clever cable -management system ensures all loudspeaker cables are concealed within the cabinet itself.

The Komponent loudspeaker system is available now in a choice of Silver or Graphite finish.

A truly captivating entertainment experience from Linn.

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