Kreisen Brings Superior HDMI Technology

Kreisen adds HDMI and HDCP support

San Jose, CA -June 30, 2005 -Kreisen (, the manufacturers of quality affordable high definition television displays, today announced that it has added HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface) and HDCP (High -bandwidth Digital Content Protection) support to its entire line of high definition TVs. HDMI, the only uncompressed, all -digital interface for audio and video, brings consumers the highest quality home theater experience. HDMI support has previously been limited to the highest -end models, but Kreisen, breaking new ground, now incorporates it into their mainstream HD LCD TVs, with a line of 27 - to 40 -inch models.

"We're proud to add HDMI inputs and HDCP support to our entire line of HDTVs," said Samson Lee, CEO of Kreisen. "HDMI clearly will become the standard digital interface for the consumer home theatre market in the very near future, but we want to make this superior technology available today for televisions on both ends of the price and size spectrum. This is just another example of our deep commitment to make high -quality home theatre experience accessible to more consumers."

HDMI technology was developed to meet the growing demand for high -definition audio and video. It can transmit up to 5 Gbps of uncompressed high definition video and multi -channel audio through the same cable. It is the only industry -supported, uncompressed, all -digital interface for audio and video. HDCP (High -bandwidth Digital Content Protection) creates a secure protection between two digital devices via authentication procedures to prevent the capturing and copying of data.

HDMI offers consumers superior performance and ease of use. The technology addresses what has been a weak link in high definition content delivery - many devices still use analog interfaces to deliver digital signals. As a digital interface, HDMI preserves the integrity of the digital signal and provides the highest quality transmission from device to device. In addition, it greatly simplifies home theater wiring by using a single cable for both audio and video.

According to market analysts at In -Stat, approximately 3 million digital TV sets were equipped with HDMI interfaces in 2004 (an 18% market share); they expect these numbers to rise to 20 million sets (or 42% market share) in 2006. Kreisen is pushing head of the industry by adding HDMI inputs and HDCP support this summer across its entire line of HD LCDs, and not just limiting them to the higher end models.

Kreisen's line of 27 to 40 -inch HD LCD TVs leads the market in price -performance. The TVs are available at popular consumer retailers like Amazon (, Costco (, DataVision (, MicroCenter (, eCost (, eBuyer (, Target (, and TigerDirect (

About Kreisen LCD TVs
Headquartered in San Jose, California, Kreisen is a leading manufacturer of affordable, advanced, high definition liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions for use in home entertainment, business, and education. Kreisen`s line of flat -panel HDTVs comes standard with premium features such as digital luminance and color transient improvement (DLTI/DCTI) technology to dramatically improve image details for sharper, more natural pictures. Additionally, the digital perfect creation (DPC) engine, co -developed with Germany`s Micronas, a world renowned maker of digital video and audio signal processors, ensures optimized screen output. All Kreisen LCD TVs feature double window (DW) scan, picture -in -picture (PIP), built in equalizer, auto volume leveler (AVL), and an array of input and output connections for the most versatile viewing options. Kreisen is marketed through a rapidly growing network of consumer -direct online partners, and regional and national retail stores in North America by EnCross Enterprise, Inc. For more information, visit Kreisen online at ( or call 1 -866 -KREISEN.


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