EchoServer version 1.40 for Windows and Linux now Available

The EchoVNC team has released version 1.40 of their EchoServer software, available for both Windows and Linux.

The EchoVNC team has released version 1.40 of their EchoServer software for Windows and Linux.

EchoServer is a packet relay server that connects echoWare enabled applications together across the Internet, regardless of intervening firewalls or NAT routers. Current echoWare -enabled applications include Kaboodle, a LAN management and LAN -to -LAN connectivity tool for Windows, and EchoVNC, an implementation of VNC that doesn't require port forwarding to work through NAT routers and firewalls.

By running their own EchoServer, Remote IT and Managed Service Providers can utilize EchoVNC and Kaboodle to:

o Establish remote -desktop connections to VNC servers behind unconfigured firewalls and routers
o Utilize a "dynamic -DNS" capability for VNC Servers without static IP addresses
o Secure the data connections via OpenSSL's 128 -bit AES encryption.

Together with EchoVNC, EchoServer software provides Managed Service Providers with an overall remote -desktop solution that is "firewall -friendly", highly secure, and extremely low cost.

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